{Boudoir Session} Subtle & Elegant is Sexy

I have to be honest-I love boudoir photo sessions!  I've longed to have one done of myself for my husband.  It's a very personal and deep seeded decision to make, because you are nearly bearing it all for someone you might not know, and the end result goes to the one you want to have such a shoot for.  Being lead to the right photographer with the best referrals can be tricky, but more than likely you'll be in good professional hands.  Having a glass of champagne might help during such a shoot, which is what I would do in order to relax in front of the camera, but that's just me!

Today we are very excited to share a boudoir session for the first time on the blog.  When I received the submission from Karin at Lönnbacka Photography, I sat on the decision a while to share the beautiful work.  I wasn't sure if my blog was ready for boudoir shoots, yet after seeing just how beautiful this session was I decided to go ahead and share it.  It's really elegant and sexy with a high level of classiness.

I present to you this beautiful boudoir photo session by Lönnbacka Photography:

I can't help but think the model seen here looks a bit like Audrey Tautou from the Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulin!  She's got that dark sultry allure, gorgeous pouty lips, and dreamy dark eyes.  I love the images with the veil and the violin, it's so elegant! 

We would like to know if you have had a boudoir photo session done, or plan to in the future.  Furthermore, would you like to see more boudoir sessions on the blog?  

Many thanks to Lönnbacka Photography for this beautiful submission, and sharing with us that boudoir sessions can be sexy by being simple and elegant.

Photography: Lönnbacka Photography, Björklinge, Sweden
Dress Designer: Greenini design, Stockholm, Sweden
Venue: Hotell och Vandrarhem Kungsängstorg, Uppsala, Sweden


  1. Wow! Thank you for submitting! I love your blog! // Karin

    1. It's our pleasure! Thank you, Karin, for submitting your work to us! :)


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