{My Real Life} Cute As A Button Baby Shower

I try not to shed too much info about my own personal life, but I cannot help myself these days! By now it's no surprise how ecstatic I am about what is coming up for my husband and I, for within a month or so we will welcome our baby girl into the world!  We cannot wait!  We're both nervous, of course, but so full of joy and glee to be at this point in our married life.

I recently had my baby shower, and a dear friend was kind enough to photograph the event-which I suggest everyone to do!  If you have someone whom is gifted with their photog skills, have them shoot your showers, bridal, bachelorette, baby, etc, you'll be glad you did!

I came up with the theme, "Cute As A Button", and designed/created the decor for the shower, which was fun for me, except the last week when I pushed myself too hard to complete the projects.  My mind set is if you want it done right, do it yourself, so I did just that, and I paid for it.  I love the end result, but I won't be so involved with projects this late in the game again, nor will I really have another baby shower of this magnitude again.

Although this blog is geared towards brides and wedding enthusiasts alike, sharing baby shower stuff isn't common.  Some of the projects I created are worthy to share, however, as a source of inspiration to recreate for wedding related events.

Here are some of the images from the shower, with links to some of the DIY projects.  Enjoy!

I love how everything turned out!  I wanted to make some sort of table runner, but ran out of ideas and time, so I opted to use buttons instead of confetti.  Also, I used small paper doilies to be place cards, it worked with the whole theme.  The same person whom took the photos made the banner using her Silhouette Cameo-this is my ultimate wish list item!  I wanted a pennant banner and I wanted a homemade one vs. a store bought one.  When my friend told me she could cut pennants and, well, everything else, I was hooked and so excited! 

My favorite cupcake/cake pop bakery is called Mind Over Batter.  The owner, Ashley, really worked with me to put my vision into her yummy pops, with the sweet white chocolate buttons and color palette.  She was just as excited about the pops as I was! 

It was the perfect shower, and I had the best friends that helped make it all flow together.  The venue was Mimi's Cafe, and that helped make everything so sweet and charming.  I might have done a full-fledged dessert bar had the shower been in someone's home, but since it's 110 here in Phoenix, holding it at a restaurant was the perfect idea for all-no cooking, cleaning, ample parking, etc.  

Thanks for letting me share my baby shower pics with you! Pretty soon I'll be introducing you all to the newest addition to Savvy Deets Bridal!