{Real Couples} Ashley & Alex's Low Country South Carolina Engagement Shoot

There is something about images from the Carolinas that I am so smitten with.  I don't know if it's because I live thousands of miles away and appreciate the coastal images and the lush greenery, or that authors paint such beautiful imagery describing the landscape in their works (Nicholas Sparks), but I love it!  I had the opportunity to go to a wedding in Charleston, South Carolina a few months ago, however, due to being pregnant, I had to forgo that trip, which bummed me out.  I had always wanted to see and experience the beauty of Charleston, and relish in the beauty of the surroundings that I had heard so much about.

Well, today I can let my eyes, and yours, soak up the beauty of the Low Country with this charming engagement shoot, submitted via Two Bright Lights by Diana Deaver Weddings.  Diana, the photog behind the lens, shared that this shoot took place on the family property of the groom's, where he and his bride-to-be currently live.  What a gorgeous piece of land!  I can see why they would choose to have their engagement shoot held there.  

I present to you Ashley & Alex's low country engagement shoot, beautifully photographed by Diana Deaver Weddings.

Gorgeous! I love the long pier, and the beautiful views! 

Congrats to Ashley & Alex on their upcoming wedding!  Many thanks to Diana Deaver Weddings for the beautiful submission! 

Photography: Diana Deaver Weddings, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina