{Real Couples} Aurora & Gerardo's Las Vegas Engagement Shoot

"Viva Las Vegas" is the theme of this engagement shoot!  I'm loving this submission due to it's artistic quality and the fashionable styling of the happy couple.  Being set in the old part of Vegas adds to the charm of the shoot.  

When Jamie Y Photography sent over the submission, they also included some notes about Aurora & Gerardo's love story.  
Meet the beautiful Aurora and Gerardo. They are originally from Texas, and Gerardo moved all the way out to Vegas with his love so that she could pursue her education in fashion design. They are getting married later this year in Texas but wanted to take some fun engagement photos for their Save The Date cards. We had their engagement session in downtown Las Vegas near Freemont street. Downtown is great with its variety of backdrops ranging from old grungy alleys to the bright neon from old Vegas. 

I present to you Aurora & Gerardo's Vegas Engagement Shoot, captured by Jamie Y Photography:





I love the usage of such colorful backdrops and the random chair shot!  Makes for such a beautiful shoot!  My fave images are the ones in front of that architectural structure in the beginning, it's perfect!  And, what would a shoot in Vegas be without the inclusion of the classic signs?  Love it all!  Congrats to Aurora & Gerardo on their upcoming Texas wedding!

Many thanks to Jamie Y Photography for the submission! 

Photographer: Jamie Y Photography, Las Vegas, Nevada
Venue: Freemont Street, Las Vegas, Nevada

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