{Real Couples} Beth & Tim's Ski Slope Engagement Shoot

Summer is far from over, at least here in Phoenix!  (We hit a high of 116 degrees yesterday!)  So to help provide us relief, at least for our eyes, I have a wintry white engagement shoot to share with you today!  This happy pair of ski bunnies decided to hit the slopes to capture their engagement!

The submission comes via Two Bright Lights by Daniel McQuade Photography.  Daniel included this little note about Beth & Tim's ski slope engagement shoot:
Beth and Tim wanted to do an all out winter engagement shoot at one of the best places for skiing on the east coast, Snowshoe Mountain Resort. It's not too often we get the request for a snow shoot because our winters are brutal and it's hard to keep a smiling face in the freezing temps. The day of their shoot was no exception. Snowshoe is at a pretty high elevation and the temp was hovering around 10 degrees or so. What made it more intense was the 30 mph winds. We were ducking in and out of the buildings just to keep from freezing our shutter fingers off while we were shooting. It was an awesome shoot despite the cold and there's nothing like that fresh mountain air. From the peak of the mountain to the bottom of the slopes we spent the day with them and we even hit the snowboards ourselves for a while. Shooting from a snowboard was definitely a memorable experience for me. Their wedding in August, the hottest month of the year, is definitely going to be a switch from our first shoot.

Well crank up the AC, grab a cup of hot cocoa, cuddle up under a blanket, and enjoy this ski filled engagement shoot, beautifully captured by Daniel McQuade Photography:

Brrr, how cold it had to have been!  The two lovebirds didn't seem to be bothered by the frigid temps, they looked like they were having a blast, which is what these types of shoots should be about.

We are sending our best wishes to Beth & Tim and their upcoming wedding! Many thanks to Daniel McQuade Photography for the beautiful wintry submission!

Photographer: Daniel McQuade Photography, Pearland, Texas
Venue: Snowshoe Mountain Resort, Snowshoe, West Virginia


  1. Beautiful photos!
    Thoroughly enjoyed this!
    What about the wedding photos?

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Their wedding photos have not been shared with us. Hopefully those will appear soon! :)


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