{Real Couples} Megan & Matthew's Sweet As Tea Engagement Shoot

Have you ever had the pleasure of tasting iced sweet tea?  Not tea you sweeten with those sugar packs on restaurant tables, but the kind that is already well sweetened, where there is no other option to drink when in south?  It is oh so sweet, refreshing and highly addictive! I could go for a tall glass of it right now, in fact!  

Well today's engagement/save the date shoot, submitted by Maria Angela Photography is just as sweet, charming and addictive as the refreshing beverage.  The couple is even captured with the drinks in hand, and will send out their Save The Date announcements with that very image! Did you notice the glasses are mason jars with stems?  Love it, and I'm going to create a take away to make stemmed mason jars, thanks to this shoot! 

Let's get on with Megan & Matthew's Sweet As Tea engagement shoot, shall we?!

Cute, cute, cute! This whole shoot is as cute as pie, and as sweet as tea!  Megan & Matthew make such a beautiful couple.  Maria captured their smitten stares and smooches so well.  Both of them has eyes that are truly captivating.  Megan has eyes like Alexis Bledel, and Matthew has eyes that are like Edward's from Twilight! I can only image their wedding is going to be heavenly.

I do love the images centered around the red barn.  Megan's denim dress is adorable, and it works perfect with Matthew's ensemble.

Many thanks to Maria Angela Photography for sharing your work with us!

Photographer, Maria Angela Photography, Naples, Florida
Venue: Private Residence