{Real Couples} Talia & Jimmy's Playful Engagement Shoot

Happy August!  What an exciting month we have ahead of us.  Many go back to school, the NFL season kicks off (I cringe), and we might meet our baby girl this month!  It's a month of much to watch and wait around for, that is for sure.  

Today we have a fun engagement shoot to share with you as we start the new month!  This submission comes via Two Bright Lights from Daniel McQuade Photography.  I love the raw and edgy feel to this shoot, while the couple is so smitten and playful with one another.  

Daniel shared a little background with us on Talia & Jimmy:
Talia and Jimmy are a perfect match for each other. Just by looking through the pics you can see how much they love each other and it's an awesome thing. They're really affectionate and that always translates into great pics. We spent a good part of the evening cruising around Pt. Pleasant WV (mothman!) and one of my favorite was an abandoned garage. Talia just so happens to be Miss WV 2009 so it's no surprise she brought along a dozen outfits, including one of her gowns. One of my favorite shots is one where they wanted to show their contrast to one another, Talia in her gown and tiara with Jimmy and his camo.

I present to you Talia & Jimmy's engagement shoot, captured by Daniel McQuade Photography:


So cute! I love this last image, very playful and carefree.   (I love Talia's boots too, by the way!)  Talia & Jimmy make such a gorgeous couple.  I can only imagine how stunning they will be on their wedding day.

Many thanks to Daniel McQuade Photography for submitting to us your work!

Photography: Daniel McQuade Photography, Pearland, Texas

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  1. I love the direction of the couple on this shoot. From nature wonderland into the swing style of the rootin tootin western style. They are happily in love.


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