{Real Weddings} Alycia & Daniel's Eco Friendly Pacific Northwest Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to green weddings, they never cease to amaze me.  Couples take their own version of green in unique directions, and I always love to see what they come up with.  It seems many eco friendly weddings I've had the pleasure of featuring revolve around a vineyard, which are considered green venues in most respects, and provide ample ways to highlighting the nature and the produce of the surrounding land.  

Today's featured couple's wedding takes place in a beautiful open field area, with much of the focus, while on the happy couple, revolves around the beautiful natural surroundings.  The photogs at  Trembley Photography shared with us some insight into Alycia & Daniel's eco friendly nuptials:
Danny and Alycia are kindred spirits in every way possible. These two spend their weekends together wading in rivers, catching the biggest fish you've ever seen and appreciating creation for all it's beauty! They are so in tune with nature in fact, that their whole wedding revolved around it. From hand stamped fish on their wedding invitations, to darling black bears atop their wedding cake, Danny and Alycia's personalities shown brightly through in their Pacific Northwest outdoor wedding. These two were even caught during our photo shoot being completely distracted by identifying whether a fern in the woods was "male" and "female".

I present to you Alycia & Daniel's Eco Friendly Outdoor Wedding, beautifully captured by  Trembley Photography:

What a stunning location for these two love birds to exchange their vows!  The views of the tree tops in the background are breathtaking!  Alycia and Daniel are so natural, and I like their choice of dress, from the suspenders to the floral wreath, it's so unique and different, and it works!

I love the little fishbowls and goldfish as the centerpieces.  I wonder if guests got to take them home with them, or if they all went back to the couple.

Many thanks to Trembley Photography for the submission of this eco friendly wedding! 

Photographer: Trembley Photography, Vancouver, Washington//Cake Designer: Morningside Bakery, Port Orchard, Washington
Submitted via Two Bright Lights