{Trash The Dress} Katie & Nic's Colorful Masterpiece

When it comes to trashing the dress, ever thought to really trash it up by having a paint war in your pretty wedding gown?  No? Me neither, but today's featured couple sure went with the paint war concept for this vibrant display of "rocking the frock" for one last time.  

This submission comes via Two Bright Lights from Mike L. Photography.  Mike, the photog behind the lens, shared with me how Katie and Nic came to have an all out paint war in the Nevada desert:
Kate and Nic had an extremely untraditional wedding day which led to this super fun Trash the Dress. We always like to take the words, "trash the dress" literally so anytime we can bring in bright colors and fun, we do! We shot this at the Dry Lake Bed in Jean, Nevada, about 30 minutes outside of Las Vegas. They had filled water balloons with paint before throwing them around at each other like maniacs. The end result was some pretty sweet human canvases and a very trashed dress. Kate ended up buying a mannequin stand and displaying her dress on it for all to see because afterall, it ended up being a pretty awesome piece of art.

Let's see that pretty white canvas that is Katie's dress turn into a glorious piece of art!  Presenting Katie & Nic's Trash The Dress Session captured by Mike L. Photography:

What a blast this session had to have been!  Katie & Nic sure went wild with the color throwing! I think it is pretty awesome that Katie now displays her dress on a mannequin for all to see her dress as a piece of art when they enter their home.  Would you do the same to your dress?  

Many thanks to Mike L. Photography for submitting your work to be featured on the blog! 

Photographer: Mike L. Photography, North Las Vegas, Nevada