{Trash The Dress} Mary Ann & Daniel's Appalachian Trail Trash The Dress Shoot

Happy Wednesday! As slow as the month of August is going (for me anyway), I can't believe we are nearing the end of another week, and the end of this month!  With the impending birth of my baby girl, I would have swore that she'd be in my arms by now! But alas, she is stuborn like her parents, so we might finish out August without our little girl just yet, and we'll welcome her in September! The due date has always been September 10th, however there were indications of an earlier arrival.  Just goes to show how the miracle of bringing a new love into the world is really in the hands of another and on baby's terms! 

OK, onto all things weddings and such, today we are happy to bring to you the photography of Carolyn Scott Photography as she shares with us Mary Ann & Daniel's Trash The Dress session. Carolyn shared this little note with us about the happy newlywed couple, and how they came to shoot their session where they did:
Mary Ann's husband Daniel proposed at a state park off of the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian mountains and afterward they hiked a gorgeous trail. For her trash the dress session, Mary Ann wanted to return to the trail that they had hiked and visit a meadow that she loved and a waterfall that she also adored on her last visit. She wanted a headpiece with peacock feathers as they were reminiscent of her late grandfather, so her friend made her gorgeous headpiece. Daniel, her husband, accompanies her in some of the photographs, but it was mostly centered around Mary Ann and the beautiful scenery.

Behold Mary Ann & Daniel's Trash The Dress Session, captured by Carolyn Scott Photography:

I love how simple and playful this session is!  Mary Ann & Daniel look blissfully content with one another.  The scenery surrounding is gorgeous!

I do love the peacock feather headpiece, and Mary Ann's makeup, it's so pretty!  Of all the images, I love the water shoots, however the one with her laying in the field is one of my faves!  Water shoots have been my fave this summer, have you noticed?  I love it when brides let their hair down, so to speak, and step into water sources, like rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.  

Many thanks to Carolyn Scott Photography for submitting your work to be shared on the blog today! 

Photographer: Carolyn Scott Photography, Raleigh, North Carolina


  1. Carolyn did an amazing job on all of the photo shoots with this adorable couple

  2. Beautiful shots of beautiful people


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