{Trash The Dress} Taking the Big Plunge

Happy Friday!  I bet you're as ready for the long weekend as we are, that is if you live in the US!  With Labor Day being on Monday, I have to wonder if this holiday will have a new meaning for me from here on out, as my baby's delivery is eminent-we just can't pin point it yet!  I have often thought how hilarious it would be to actually go into labor on Labor Day, and it's very possible it could happen to us!  However, every thing's in our baby girl's control I guess...and so it starts before she enters the world. Ha!

Well, before I go into labor, and before the long weekend commences for all of us Americans, I have a trash the dress to share with you, submitted via Two Bright Lights by Kathy with JoPhotoOnline.  Kathy shared a little background info on the beautiful bride and her session to trash her wedding dress in the Bald River Falls of Tennessee.
We met Sara at Bald River Falls in Tellico Plains, Tenn., for her waterfall trash the dress session, and it was so much fun! Sara got in the river in her wedding gown. She even jumped off “baby falls,” a popular waterfall that many people jump off. Sara was up for anything in her gown, and we had a great time in the river. We took extra care to keep our equipment dry, of course! After Sara’s post-wedding trash the dress photography session, she dry cleaned her gown, and there wasn’t a stain anywhere on it. She and her husband, Brad, are going to use the fabric from her gown to make a baby blanket for their first child.

What a sweet idea to use the fabric from her gown for her first baby's blanket!  Love that idea, and I love this shoot.  Behold Sara's Trash The Dress beautifully captured by  JoPhotoOnline:

I have to say, Sara makes a gorgeous bride! She has this ethereal way about her.  Maybe it's the magic of the falls, her newlywed bliss, her energy...whatever it is I want to bottle it up!  Her dress looks especially beautiful when submerged in water.  I think it is great she chose to fall with the falls into the river! Kathy with JoPhotoOnline captured the images of her plunge so well, I'm left with the sense of how exhilarating that experience had to be!  It's almost symbolic too, to do such an activity when dressed in a wedding gown.  Instead of "turning a new leaf" so to speak, it's "taking the plunge" into the next chapter of life.

Many thanks to JoPhotoOnline for the submission!

Photographer: JoPhotoOnline, Knoxville, Tennessee

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  1. Please make sure brides in large dresses don't try this as a new bride recently drowned doing similar pictures when her dress became too heavy with water and pulled her under!


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