{Inspiration Boards} An Autumnal Abundance of Apples

One of my favorite things about fall is the abundance of apples, and all of their uses.  My house smells of cinnamon and apples right now, thanks to Bath & Body Works new fall line, and it's divine!  Even though it isn't really fall yet, nor is Phoenix known for the changing season, it's still a lovely time of year, and I embrace it all!

When it comes to wedding planning, adding apples can turn an ordinary wedding into a charming, autumnal affair.  Color palettes can be hues of crimson and straw, favors such as cute little apple pie pops or jars of homemade apple butter are delightful, centerpieces of vases filled with apples fall colored leaves are eye catching, the options are abundant!

The best part of having apples at your wedding?  You get to keep the left overs!  A great way to start off your newly married life is to make tons of apple treats for you and your new groom, and to give as gifts to spread your newlywed bliss with neighbors and loved ones!  That is what I would do, anyway.  If baking ins't your thing, maybe a family member can take the apples off your hands, or they can be donated to a food shelter.

We've created an inspiration board full of fun ways to incorporate apples into fall weddings!

Love the carved out apples as hot apple cider vessels! So cute, and your guests will adore these!  Also using burlap and apples as table centerpiece decor or about the venue is a sweet, simple and budget friendly idea.  

Are you planning on having a fall wedding?  Any touches that reflect fall you might incorporate? 

Enjoy the season and happy wedding planning!