{Real Weddings} Erin & Michael's Rustic Stevenson Ridge Wedding

Ok, folks, show of hands...How many of you lovely readers had much input and participation from the grooms when it came to wedding planning, even down to making any of the wedding decor?  Same goes to our male readers, how many of you had much say and/or participation in your wedding plans?  I wish I could see how many hands are going up, but I'll take some comments!

My own husband had enough participation, meaning we made decisions together, he agreed to suggestions, but that was it, and that's quite alright.  I have a friend whose husband took over much of the planning and decision making, and let my friend sit back and relax, which I felt was interesting and rare, but oh how awesome!  I think we all can relate to the fact that many men don't care to have any say in their wedding planning but to agree to the major decisions, and just want to be told "what to wear and when to show up"-this is not my quote but actually from a few men I know!  The fact is when it comes to wedding planning, the grooms have just as much say as the brides, but it's how much each individual groom wants to contribute.  If the bride has said yes, then she already knows what to expect from her groom to be anyway.

The reason I'm mentioning any of this at all is due to the fact that in today's featured wedding, Michael, the groom, had a hand at more than just choosing the venue.  The photogs at Living Story Photography shared with us that Michael "handmade the place cards and cake stand from a tree trunk. He also created the centerpieces with a tree trunk and sawed off wine bottles with candles and elements for texture."  What a creative guy to be so skilled to create major elements to his own wedding reception's decor!  And he's got quite the talent, as you'll soon see.  

Living Story Photography also shared this with us about Erin & Michael's love story, and their big day:
Erin and Michael are the classic love story of the high school cheerleader and football player. They were so excited to be married! A beautiful full catholic mass was planned followed by an evening of dinner and dancing at a premier venue in the area, Steveson Ridge. A rustic theme was consistent throughout the event with deep purples, emerald green, and marine blues. Anthomanic is a fabulous florist in the area that designed and created the beautiful flower arrangements. We ventured into historic downtown Fredericksburg, Va for portraits of the guys and girls. We used a combination of natural lighting and creative alternative lighting to create a variety of photographs, as well as, a photojournalistic style to capture the moments of their day unobtrusively.

Without further ado, I present to you Erin & Michael's Stevenson Ridge Wedding, captured by Living Story Photography:

Such a gorgeous wedding for Erin & Michael!  I'm so impressed with Michael's craftsmanship and the work that went into the decor.  That couldn't have been easy to do, and it all looks great.  Just to think that he made a place setting card for each and every guest by sawing a tree trunk! Bravo, Michael! 

Let's talk about Erin's dress...it is gorgeous! I love the length, it reminds me of my very gown's lengthy train.  And I'm also really enamored by her hair style.  It's a unique twist on a side swept bun.  The braiding and detailing of the curls is done so elegantly.  Go ahead...you know you want to pin this and take to your stylist! 

As for the color palette, I am loving the combo of deep purple, navy blue & emerald green, so beautifully executed in the floral arrangements.  The color of the bridesmaid dresses are in a stunning shade of deep purple.  I really like how the dresses are in different styles, and paired with soft golden hued shoes, very classy.

Many thanks to Living Story Photography for submitting this beautiful wedding to us!

Photographer: Living Story Photography, Caret,Virginia
Hair Stylist: Salon 730, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Caterer: White House Catering, Richmond, Virginia
Florist: Anthomanic, Stafford, Virginia
Venue: Stevenson Ridge, Spotsylvania, Virginia
Dress: Jeanette's Bride, Manassas, Virginia
DJ: Eric Herod Entertainment, Fredericksburg, Virginia
Dance Instructor: Dance Masters Studios, Richmond, Virginia
Bakery: Pearls Cupcake Shoppe, Richmond, Virginia
Hand Crafted Decor Pieces: SadyLadyCrafts on Etsy


  1. We had a fabulous time photographing Erin and Michael's wedding day! Congratulations to you both! We wish you many wonderful years full of sweet surprises :)

  2. Jane and Steve Stoecker, parents of the brideSeptember 13, 2012 at 4:56 PM

    The Church was stunning, the Mass beautiful and full of love, Stevenson Ridge amazing and full of pure customer service, and the food excellent. Living Story captured the day, and Jane and I could not be prouder of the wedding party, the guests, and our wonderful daughter and son-in-law! Thanks for a superb reminder of the day, SDB!

  3. All the photographs are awesome and I must say the venue selection decision should only be dependent on the bride and groom because this occasion comes only once in life.

  4. Thank you so much to all our vendors and to Living Story Photography for submitting our wedding to Savvy Deets! Michael was definitely one of a kind in helping with the decorations. We have actually started a small Etsy shop because we had so many people show interest in the things he made, check it out: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SadyLadyCrafts

  5. Hi Erin! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out your wedding featured here! I'm going to also add the etsy store to the list of vendors, thanks for letting us know about that! You're the second bride that turned their decor pieces into a business, which is fabulous! :)


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