{Real Weddings} Kate & Josh's Colorful Backyard Wedding

Summer is coming to a close, and although I am personally happy to see the scorching summer temps leave the Arizona desert, I will always swoon for the vibrant colors of summer.  Today's featured wedding has just the beautiful array of colors that we crave year round, with hues of teal, pink, yellow and orange.  There is so much to take in here, it's truly wonderful!  When I opened up my inbox the other day, and saw this wedding submitted by Dutta Photography waiting there, I just knew I had to get the low down and all the info on what went into planning this colorful wedding.  Can you believe it only took 5 weeks to throw together?

Luckily the lovely bride, Kate, shared with us how it all came to be, both the love story between her and Josh, and pulling off such a wonderful summertime wedding.  

The meeting
He’s actually my brother’s wife’s brother – we met through them.

The proposal
Well, actually, I thought he was joking. He was standing on the porch and told me he’d had a dream he proposed and I said no. I told him he should ask so I’d say yes... and so he asked. I said, yeah, just like that. And he laughed a little, and said, no, I’m serious. Of course, I said yes.



Vision for the day
Originally, we were going to have a fairly large winter wedding. Then, in July, we were sitting at his dads house, and I said, I wish we could have gotten married in the summer and done this outside (we’re very outdoorsy people) and he asked me why we couldn’t. We moved the date, and had 5 weeks to plan – and I knew immediately that I wanted high color.

The color palette
Teal is my absolute favorite color, and to be honest, we bought the flower girl dresses first. We have three daughters between us, and when we saw the dresses, we loved them and knew they were the ones, and they kind of became our colors – Teal, pink, yellow and orange.

The details
I mainly used Pinterest to do our wedding. I pinned A LOT, and then broke things down into projects on Wunderlist. I assigned tasks to myself and Josh, and we made 90% of our own décor. (My pinterest board:http://pinterest.com/studiotrainer/august-backyard-wedding/ and details about what inspired us vs what we did:http://gansnederwedding.blogspot.com/2012/09/our-pinterest-wedding.html)

The venue
Josh’s dads house, where Josh grew up. Josh has helped a lot with the landscaping throughout his life, and even leading up to the wedding. He and his dad worked really hard to make it perfect for our day.

The planning process
We had 5 weeks to plan everything once we changed the date. I am a marketing and branding professional, so I didn’t feel like I needed the help of a coordinator (although, I did have two of my closest friends as day-of coordinators/assistants on the day of). Josh’s dad and grandparents helped out a lot with the projects we did and the getting ready, and then my parents came out the day before and my mom and I did all the décor ourselves.

The search for the dress
I am TINY (5’0” and literally 95 pounds), so I knew it would be hard to find a dress. I had ordered one for our original date, but there was NO way it could be here on time... even though I loved it! I had to cancel that dress and find another. At first, I ordered just a simple dress from Macys online, but I didn’t love it. I kept looking, and found a GORGEOUS dress on Craigslist – but it was way above our budget. Josh agreed to drive the hour and a half to let me try it on, and if it fit, we’d splurge. It fit, like it was made for me. No tailoring was needed at all.

The lovely bridesmaids and their dresses
My bridesmaids were my sister, Chrissy, and my best friend of 12 years, Alicia. They each found their dresses individually. I told them they could pick a fancier dress (and shoes) in any color in our color palette, and it made me laugh when they both chose a yellow dress. My mom brought the pretty pink necklaces the morning of the wedding, it was totally unexpected and tied it all together.

Favorite moments from the day
When we were signing our marriage license, Josh kept signing on the wrong lines. I’ve never seen him so nervous. Another was when our family song “G6” came on, even Josh’s grandpa got into the action. Another was when his grandpa gave his toast. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. And seeing people sign the bench that I’d envisioned for our guest book and Josh’s grandpa had handmade for our day.... oh, and giving our daughters their commitment rings. Ah, I have way too many! Oh – and later that night, reading the reactions to our “Live Broadcast” of our wedding from our website (http://gansnederwedding.blogspot.com/p/watch-wedding.html).

Honeymoon travels 
I prefer to call it an extended family vacation. We have sole custody of my two daughters, and they went with us to Josh’s family’s beach house in Port Townsend for a week.

Vendor raves
We were lucky enough to have awesome vendors. Dutta Photography, of course. http://www.duttaphotography.com; Ceremony by Nancy http://ceremonybynancy.com/ ; StarStuck Entertainment http://www.starstruckmontana.com/; Armadillo BBQ http://armadillobbq.com/; Cakes by Cheri (who doesn’t have a link – she’s a family friend).

*Our flowers were done by Everett Floral, but to be honest, they were the thing I was most disappointed with. Wrong flowers, wrong colors, not at all what I ordered.

Advice for brides when it comes to wedding planning
Be flexible, and research a lot. We did our whole wedding, catering included, for under $4k. I shopped a LOT on Amazon, and thank goodness for an Amazon Prime membership! And remember, no matter what happens, you’ll be married – that’s the important part. I found out that as soon as we were back down the aisle, I didn’t care what happened anymore.

Kate & Josh are so adorable, their glee and joy exudes.  So many wonderful details in this wedding that only took 5 weeks to put together, it's truly amazing! 

The most unique aspect of the wedding is the beautiful wooden bench as the "guest book alternative"!  Truly inspiring!  I also love the candy buffet, the popcorn stand, and the s'mores bar! 

The color palette, mixed with polka dots and stripes make everything so jovial and celebratory.  The tiny details like the "Let's do this thing" seen throughout the wedding in the directional sign and the napkins is really clever.  I'm loving the font seen throughout as well, it fits with the overall fun theme of this wedding.  All these details make me want to have an end of the summer party!

Many thanks to Kate for taking the time to share wish us what went into your wedding.  Congrats to you both on your recent nuptials!  

Thanks to Dutta Photography for the wonderful submission!

Photographer: Dutta Photography, Bothell, Washington
Officiant: Ceremony By Nancy, Seattle, Washington
DJ: Star Struck Montana, Helena, Montana
Flowers: Everett Floral, Everett, Washington
Catering: Armadillo BBQ, Seattle, Washington
Cake Designer: Cakes by Cheri
Venue: Private Residence


  1. Savvy Deets, thank you SO much for an incredible write up and wonderful memory for our scrapbook! What an honor to be featured!

  2. What a fantastic write up on Kate's wedding. By far, my favorite moment was when the Josh's grandpa was dancing and singing along with Far East Movement "Like a G6." (No really, he knew the words and everything!) Hands down, he wins award for coolest grandpa ever.

    Thank you so much for featuring our work at Dutta Photography and for letting us share such an amazing wedding with your readers! :-)


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