{Real Weddings} Kingsley & Zack's Canaan Valley Resort Wedding

I have to say, sharing real weddings from across the US, and the globe for that matter, has really opened my eyes to some beautiful locales that I will be putting on my "must see" list!  One of those places is West Virginia, which is where this beautiful wedding takes place, captured by Daniel McQuade Photography.  The land is just so beautiful there from what I've seen in photography, I can only imagine the beauty in person.

Daniel was kind enough to share with us a little background behind Kingsley (love that name!) & Zack's wedding:
Kingsley is one of those brides that simply loves photography. Being that as it was she was willing to go out of her way for awesome shots. That's how we ended up at a place called Dolly Sods on the top of a mountain in West Virginia, following their wedding in Canaan Valley. The weather was amazing and we were enveloped by a thick fog towards the end of the shoot. The sight of the fog, the odd landscape, and the utter peacefulness and seclusion of the place was breathtaking. 

Her bridal session, which I've included some shots from, was on another day that the weather was something to behold. We rolled up as a massive storm was brewing over the rolling mountains in the distance. We had about 10 minutes before the rain was pounding but in that time span what we were able to capture was incredible. It's something that'll stay with me and I can only hope to luck into something like it again someday. Everything about the wedding weekend I spent with them was awesome. 

Canaan is a ski resort in WV and when I went to shoot their wedding it was the first time I had ever seen it without snow. We were all staying in houses on the slopes made it all the better and the whole weekend felt like a party.

I present to you Kingsley & Zack's wedding, beautifully captured by Daniel McQuade Photography:

The combination of Kingsley's gorgeous dress and veil, Zack's gray hued suit, and that fog rolling in makes for some pretty spectacular imagery!  I love this last image here, with Kingsley's veil billowing in the wind and the fog in touching distance.  It's almost haunting, in the most beautiful way.

I love the gray and yellow color palette, its so lovely, and perfect for the summer.  The butter yellow bridesmaid dresses are really sweet and stylish.

Many thanks to Daniel McQuade Photography for another beautiful submission! 

Photographer: Daniel McQuade Photography, Pearland, Texas
Venue: Canaan Valley Resort & Conference Center, Davis, West Virginia


  1. I just find these photos very emotional. I'm having goosebumps just seeing this. The photographer captured everything, from the venue, to the bride and groom's emotion. I really want something like this for my wedding.

  2. Wedding photographers have the best jobs in the world. They always get to work with the happiest kinds of folks and they always have great locales to shoot in. Once the wedding coordinator has ironed out the plans it’s just a matter of technicality for the festivities to start.

  3. I imagine this couple living the rest of their life together. It's really good to know that you are assured you have someone whole accompany you until you grow old, with a good home to live in.

  4. Need I say wow? The shots are breathtaking! Maybe they should include the photos on the reception. I am interested in also seeing that.

  5. I love the over-all theme of your wedding; the contrast and mix of colors were gorgeous! Actually we have the same wedding theme, I choose the color yellow because I love the feeling that it gives me and my love for yellow didn’t stop there, I made it as a theme of our house to give us a “happy aura.”


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