{Styled Shoot} An Afternoon in the Woods

One of my favorite parts about styled shoots, aside from the fashion & details, is the choice of location.  When vendors collaborate to do a shoot they pick either a well known establishment, such as a hotel, or they go for a locale off the beaten path.  Today's shoot, submitted to us via Two Bright Lights by Lucy Munoz Photography, is the latter, set at Heavens Ranch in the woods of the Chino Hills, California.  As you'll soon see the rustic and raw backdrop of the woods when juxtaposed with soft fabrics and details makes for quite an artistic scene.

Lucy, the photographer for this collaborative shoot, shared some insight into this gorgeous shoot:
This shoot is set in the woods, but really the feeling we wanted to convey was just how ethereal the woods can be. It's almost a feeling of being in the heavens. We were hoping to intertwine the texture of the branches with things that are reflective and occupy space, yet leaving us feeling vast and more introspective. Nenci Serrano from the Flawless Team transformed Alexa Rios into what we feel was the perfect balance between soft and hard while maintaining an emphasis on her eyes with all things shimmery. Honestly we couldn't get enough of the luminous light that seeped through the trees. It beckoned us to linger, to come closer, to stay for a spell.

Well sit for a spell indeed as you peruse this lovely styled shoot, captured by Lucy Munoz Photography:


The natural lighting in this shoot is stunning!  Everything has that ethereal glow, as Lucy pointed out.  I love the soft peach dress, it is so sweet and delicate.  The use of the shimmery beret is a unique accessory to pair with the dress, and again shows the hard and soft balance that the collaborative team wanted to achieve in their shoot.  I'm also drawn to the beige dress with the gorgeous beadwork on the bodice-the image where she is holding the ship.  Speaking of the ship, love that nod to the old world nautical theme, even if it has some glittery sparkle! 

Many thanks to Lucy Munoz Photography for this wonderful submission!

Photographer: Lucy Munoz Photography, Walnut, California,
Floral Designer: Valle Wholesale Flowers, Los Angeles, California
Makeup Artist: Nenci @ Flawless Team, Sun Valley, California
Venue: Heavens Ranch, Chino Hills, California


  1. Thanks Savvy Deets Bridal for featuring this shoot!!!


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