{Boudoir Shoot} Amanda's Ohh-La-La Sexy Little Bride Boudoir Shoot

Boudoir shoots are new to the blog, but I've been a big fan of the sexy shoots for a few years now.  I love the idea of putting on some lingerie and heels, with hair and makeup done just right, and for a photog to work their magic for my husband to enjoy.  I'm slowly gaining courage to have a boudoir portrait done myself-I was nearly there until I learned I was pregnant and then that went out the door.  What a great motivation that makes, however, in order to get my body back to where I want, and to feel beautiful again in my own skin, and confident.

When the time comes for me to take the step in the boudoir direction, I know just the place to go-Le Boudoir Studio in Tempe, Arizona!  This studio is just down the road from my home, and I am so excited to be featuring them on the blog today!  I've been hoping to share their work for a while now, and I was ecstatic when I saw their submission awaiting in my inbox!  

Jodi, the photog behind the lens, shared with us how Amanda's boudoir session came to be:
Le Boudoir Studio loves a woman who comes to us a little or a lot inspired by anything that is going to make her feel ooo- la- la sexy. That’s exactly what the beautiful Amanda did when she came to us to do her sexy little bride inspired photo shoot. She saw the Victoria's Secret bridal magazine spread and was hooked. With her upcoming nuptials, she figured why not surprise her husband to be with some wedding inspired boudoir photos? Amanda was able to become the Victoria’s Secret model that she (and probably every woman) would love to be and was able to use the already existing photos as inspiration which really created some fun and motivating energy! It was an amazing and fun concept that we loved obliging her in. The end result of her shoot was amazing.

I love the inspiration being from Victoria's Secret bridal magazine!  Amanda totally pulls off the look, she is stunning!  If you live in the Metro-Phoenix area and are looking to have a little boudoir session done, book an appointment with Le Boudoir Studio!  I know I will when I'm ready!  

Behold Amanda's boudoir session, tastefully and elegantly captured by Le Boudoir Studio:

Many thanks to Jodi at Le Boudoir Studio for this sexy little submission!

Photographer: Le Boudoir Studio, Tempe, Arizona
Venue: Le Boudoir Studio, Tempe, Arizona


  1. So excited to see Le Boudoir Studio featured! Jodi is incredibly talented and anyone who chooses her as their boudoir photographer will not be disappointed! She has the passion, talent and sweetest personality to walk you all the way through!

    Check out her previous client's love notes

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Tianna!! :) We loved featuring Jodi's fabulous work!


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