{Real Couples} Lindsay & Michael's Rustic Fall Engagement Shoot

Lindsay & Michael's engagement shoot, submitted by Kate Wenzel Photography, is so charming!  We are loving the rustic atmosphere of it being set at a farm, with an old dilapidated red barn and bales of hay! It's perfect for a couple of engaged sweethearts to choose such a rustic location to have their fall save the date session for their wedding that will take place in the summer.  It's like picking a big city location for the save the date, when the wedding will take place on the beach.  

Kate, the photographer had this to say about the pair:
I love these high school sweethearts! They are adorable in every way and after many years of dating, are ready to tie the knot in June of 2013! I have no doubt that there wedding will be gorgeous because these two are beautiful, their love is adorable and their style is to die for! Their session was just about perfect last week- the weather, the overcast skies, their willingness to bring along some cute props, and their sweet love for one another. It doesn't get much better than that- unless you add this rustic location!

Behold Lindsay & Michael's rustic engagement shoot, beautifully captured by Kate Wenzel Photography:

What an enjoyable shoot! Love the pop of color the purple balloons brought to the rustic brown setting and gray skies. The save the date message on the chalkboards is really a cute idea, especially in front of that old barn.  

Many thanks to Kate Wenzel Photography, for submitting this charming engagement shoot! 

Photographer: Kate Wenzel Photography, Zimmerman, Minnesota