{Real Couples} A Scavenger Hunt Proposal

What's your proposal story?  Did your love go all out in a big public display, or did they keep it private with just the two of you?  Did you go on a big romantic vacation when they popped the question, or was it on a quiet Sunday morning over breakfast in bed?  However the question was asked, it's a magical moment for sure, to not be forgotten!

My proposal was on the quiet side, and I can't imagine it any other way.  It took place on Christmas morning, in the apartment I shared with my then boyfriend.  We were in the midst of moving into our now home, and made a pact that we would not give each other gifts because we had a huge mortgage to take care of in the coming months.  Well, he didn't uphold the pact, and I had no idea.  Although marriage was at the top of our topic list, a proposal was far from my expectations that morning.  The moment he got down on his knee and opened the ring box I was shocked, floored and I somehow managed to mutter "yes" through my lost breath and tears.  It was just the two of us, our moment for us.  My husband isn't into big displays, and that was the most private moment we had.  It was a great way to meet up with the family shortly following, and to introduce him to my family members as my fiance!  I remember my grandma, whom passed away a few months after, asking me "Is that what you're calling them these days?"  Oh, grandma!

I have heard a few proposal stories that are out of this world, and have seen a few amazing proposal videos in my day, but this proposal you're about to see takes the number 1 spot in our hearts!  Ryan creatively sent Janine, his to-be-bride, on the ultimate scavenger hunt of her life.  Janine shared with us how she and her now groom came to meet, and their love that started from friendship first.

The Meeting
Ryan and I met at a nerd party in Los Angeles in February of 2009, and well let’s just say it wasn’t quite love at first sight. Not only was I dressed as a complete dork, head to toe with toilet paper taped to my shoes, suspenders, and yes, even my real retainers in; I also came complete in full character as the first words I recall saying to him with a bit of a lisp were, “Hi my name is J9!”. Besides a few small and awkward conversations I don’t remember making too much of an impression as I was more focused on nerds and candy straws! It wasn’t until after the party was over that a few of my friends started asking about the cute guy I was talking to. I guess I was the only one who wasn’t picking up on the cues but a few weeks later he sent me a facebook message wanting to hang out. I believe his exact words were, “Would you like to go to a childlike theme park (Disneyland) with a guy you have only met once?”  It was his birthday and well who doesn’t love Disneyland so I was in. It is pretty interesting though. After we hung out that day we both knew we had no real love interest for each other but we would become best friends. We set out to accomplish every adventure we talked about in the long lines at Disneyland. We went on crazy hikes, explored an old fallout shelter in the middle of the Mojave desert, went on long bike rides along Venice beach at 2am, created scavenger hunts for each other, and well we were inseparable and strictly platonic. It would be several months before we would very awkwardly begin dating but we knew we had a foundation for something that would last.

Get ready to go on a journey with Janine, as she describes her scavenger hunt to make her way to Ryan's final clue!  A few tissues might need to be near by, they were for me!

The Proposal
I would be lying if I didn’t say I think his proposal was the most amazing, original, well thought out,
and perfectly fitting that I have ever seen. It was just about a year ago that I would go on the most fun scavenger hunt that would change my life forever. It was a normal Sunday after church and we were getting ready to run some errands. All of a sudden out of nowhere, Ryan just leaves. I was confused because that was very out of character for him. A few moments later I received a call that said, “Go in my room.” Then he hung up. I went in his room to find a letter marked with a compass that would describe in detail the adventure I was going to begin. There was a backpack full of supplies and a flip video camera I was told to film myself with the whole time. I know you are probably thinking I must have known what was ahead right? Wrong! We had planned these intricate scavenger hunts for each other multiple times and I just thought this was going to be a fun Sunday afternoon on another one of “our adventures”. I was given a series of clues that would lead me to different places around town like the roof of a building, a local pet store, an empty house, and even climbing up a steep chimney of a cliff. The clues were in a series of four worlds that would say Bottega.Climb. Roof. Lunchbox. or Mail. Box. PO. Check. and I would have to figure out where it would lead me and how to get there. It was a 4 hour long hunt where my final destination would lead me to a GPS with the coordinates for Ryan’s location. It was another hike over a mile straight up another cliff until I would finally see Ryan in the distance. As I was running towards him to the end of my journey I realized he was in a suit, there was a blanket lying on the ground and tiki torches surrounding him. My heart skipped a beat as I now realized the treasure I was set out to find. I had one last mission to put together a puzzle I had made for him on our first valentine’s day together from pieces I had collected in each clue he gave me. Once the puzzle was complete he took out an envelope with my last clue on it which read Will. You. Marry. Me. He got down on one knee and made me the happiest girl in the world. Afterwards, he had a bottle of my
favorite wine and we celebrated on the top of a cliff at sunset. It was truly amazing! I was surprised, I had such a fun time and it was so unique. I didn’t think it could get any better until I asked him why I had to film myself. He had hidden a camera in a tree that captured every moment of him getting down on one knee and would combine the footage of my journey that day to make a video for me and my family to see, so I could remember that day for the rest of my life. The story is best told through this amazing video and is something I will hold onto forever. Here is the link to the video so you can see the entire adventure unfold….

How fabulous!!  Did you need some tissues?  I love the editing of this video, and how so creative Ryan was at putting this all together!  A lock box at a home on the market even!  So clever and incredibly thoughtful!

I'm very excited to be able to share their fun filled carnival themed wedding, hence the carnival themed engagement shoot by Tracy Moore Photography!  Click here to see their wedding! 

Photography: Tracy Moore Photography, Billings, Montana


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