{Real Weddings} Kristen & David's Spooktacular Hallowedding

Can you believe Halloween 2012 is around the corner?  Where has the year gone to?!  As if 10 months of pregnancy didn't make it go faster for me, I just cannot believe it's that time of year again.  Normally I'd be decking our halls with some cute fall and Halloween DIY projects I discovered on Pinterest, but with a new baby and a new home to move into in a month, it's not going to happen this year sadly.  I'll just save those projects to appear for Halloween 2013!

Two things you now know about us at Savvy Deets Bridal: we love weddings, which you already knew, and we love Halloween!  So, what's better than those two?  Why a Halloween themed wedding, of course! Oh my, are we ever excited to share this submission with you all, which came to us via Two Bright Lights from April Smith and Co Photography.  

Kristen & David's "Hallowedding"  is full of charming wedding touches mixed with vintage Halloween d├ęcor ideas, it's not to be missed!  It might be very easy for many to overplay the Halloween theme, especially for a wedding.  It all boils down to decor choice and placement, which can be the difference of super cheesy vs. done just right.  The vintage touches make this Halloween wedding theme work for us, does it work for you?

See for yourself and enjoy the spooky wedding details, captured by April Smith and Co Photography

So fun, and proof you can have a special Halloween themed wedding without being cheesy!  Kristen & David's spin on a Halloween themed wedding is really charming.  Love all the DIY elements, like the trick or treat favor bags, the spooky lady fingers, and the "toe tag" escort cards to name a few.  The bridesmaid lanterns as bouquets is a really unique idea, such a fabulous twist! 

What's your favorite Halloween touch?  Would you plan a Halloween wedding event?  We want to hear from you.  

Many thanks to April Smith and Co Photography for submitting this creative wedding!  

Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Great Originality~!
    the finger cookies really astonished me~!

  2. Replies
    1. I know, right? They look so real! I'd paint them with a black glaze for added effect! ;)


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