{Real Weddings} Lucy & Jamie's Lake Michigan Beach Wedding

Happy Monday!  We want to know, what type of wedding do you prefer?  Is big & bold in a downtown hotel ballroom more your speed?  What about small & intimate in a private residence?  Or, are you somewhere in the middle of the two?  Weigh in and let us know!  I personally was in the middle of the two, having 80+ guests at a garden venue that looked like villa in Provence.  I've been to quite a few big and bold hotel weddings, as well similar to my own size, but I've yet to experience a small & intimate affair at a private home.   

Well today's featured wedding is a sweet & intimate beach wedding that is just perfect for these two love birds!  S. C. Photography, who shot this wedding, had this to say about Lucy & Jamie's cozy nuptials:
Jamie and Lucy reside in Chicago and were looking for something a little more intimate and earthy for their wedding than the big city. They found their way to the shores of Lake Michigan where close friends and family joined them for their DIY celebration. After nuptials on the beach, the party moved into a rented out beach house for more fun and togetherness.

Behold Lucy & Jamie's intimate affair, captured by S. C. Photography:


Lucy & Jamie are so cute!  It looked like a good time was had by all! I love how colorful everything is, perfect for a summertime beach wedding.  

We love the special beers pictured above: "The Blushing Blonde" & "Big Day IPA"! So fun! 

Many thanks to S. C. Photography for this sweet wedding submission!  

Photographer: S. C. Photography, Stevensville, Michigan
Venue: Weko Beach House, Bridgman, Michigan


  1. Lucy's so beautiful in her wedding gown! I feel like I want a beach wedding too, good thing I know wedding caterers that can serve in beaches. Thanks for the pictures! The cake looks simply delicious!

  2. I agree, she definitely looks beautiful. I guess all brides have that radiant glow in them. I'm contemplating on a beach wedding too, but I'm afraid it would be too windy on the day of the event and that will make everyone uncomfortable.

  3. The bride and groom looks good together and they make a perfect match. The bride’s gown is simple yet beautiful; if I were to wear this gown I will put pearl accessories since it’s a beach wedding.


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