{Trash The Dress} "Let Them Eat Cake" Fight

Do you lovelies know what one of my favorite movies is?  It is Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette, starring Kirsten Dunst.  I'm so enamored with this movie for the awesome costuming, makeup and set design.  I also love the modern soundtrack of a film that depicts 18th century France.  I have literally watched this film back to back a in a day, a few days in a row-I'm that in love with it!  

My dream styled shoot to have a hand in designing would be a Marie Antoinette inspired shoot.  I've already created an inspiration board dedicated to Marie Antoinette, and advice on how to put together a Marie Antoinette themed bridal shower, so I'm nearly there!  In the meantime, we have a fun Marie Antoinette inspired Trash The Dress shoot in the desert to share with you all, submitted via Two Bright Lights from The Amberlight Collective.  This is such a creative shoot!

Here's the low down from the perspective of the photographer:
This was a stylized Marie Antionette Bridal Trash the dress session set against the rugged Nevada desert. We had 3 brides who all had amazing, vintage dresses from their big days that wanted to do something fun and unique. We thought a Marie Antionette themed trash the dress session was the way to go in stark contrast to the unforgiving desert! The brides all started out with a lovely photo session, before indulging in a lush array of Victorian themed sweets. By the end of the shoot, they were all ready to trash each others dresses, and what better way to trash a dress with a Marie Antionette theme, then to have a cake fight. Really, our motto for the day was truly, "Let them eat cake."

En guard, and let the cake fight begin! 


Très fabu  I say!  Such decadence all around.  I am loving this twist on the Trash The Dress!  I've seen paint fights, underwater play, jumping out of an airplane, and now a delicious pink cake fight!  Love the petit fours and French macarons included in the setting, definitely what the indulgent queen would have noshed on-at least in the movie.

I am also loving the girls' Marie Antoinette styled hair and all that bling!  Gorgeous! 

Many thanks to The Amberlight Collective for the fantastic submission! 

Photographer: The Amberlight Collective, Las Vegas, Nevada
Floral Designer: Layers of Lovely, Las Vegas, Nevada
Cake Designer: Gimme Some Sugar, Las Vegas, Nevada
Makeup Artist: Your Beauty Call, Las Vegas, Nevada