{Vendor Spotlight} Le Boudoir Studio by Jodi Lynn

Bonjour! Can we all say a collective "Ooh la la"??  Today we are excited to be shining our vendor spotlight on a local Boudoir Photo Studio in Tempe, Arizona, Le Boudoir Studio!!  "Mais oui", this studio is helping ladies turn heads by offering sexy & intimate boudoir photography sessions that are simply amazing!

I've had the pleasure to share the beautiful photography of Jodi Lynn, the photographer of LeBoudoir Studio, in our boudoir photo shoot series.  The Victoria's Secret inspired shoot is a must see!

Recently I reached out to miss Jodi Lynn to see if she'd be able to open up a bit with us about herself, her business, and the art of boudoir photography.  Was I ever thrilled when she agreed to let us in on her savoir faire in the boudoir photo world!  She's got some great tips to share, and if you're a local, find out what she's got coming up this holiday season!

What is your favorite color?
Its actually purple but its a little funny because everything with my business branding is pink, I wanted my business for the Boudoir to be as fun and girly as possible and pink seemed to make it just that:)

What is your favorite flower?
I love sunflowers, the yellow is super bright and it just seems to always cheer me up!

What is your one "can't leave the house without" accessory?

I always wear these little bangle bracelets with everyoutfit! I am a very casual dresser so they just seem to spice it up a bit!

Who inspires you the most, both in life, and career?
I think for me its more of who motivates me. My grandpa has always seemed to cheer me on even when times are tough, he always expresses to me how proud of me he is and it seems to always keep me going!

How did you get your start in the photography business? When did you decide to do Boudoir Sessions as your main focus/business?
I have been doing photography as a hobby since I can remember, Even as a kid I always had a camera in my hand. My dad always loved taking photos and I think I must have picked it up from him. I always loved the darkroom and photographing landscapes and flowers. I never thought I would enjoy photographing people so much until I took some portrait classes. When I really got excited about it for a living I went to a workshop with some Boudoir photographers and immediately got excited to try it out myself. I started hearing from women, "thank you for making me feel beautiful again, "wow, I have never felt this pretty", and things that made me think, I have the power to make every woman feel good inside and out and that is my true calling, from then on, that was my niche and I wanted to spend my life perfecting it!

Do you remember what it was like having your first client pose for a Boudoir Session? Were you nervous? Were they?
I think before the session we were both super nervous, after a few shots I feel like it turned into excitement and it was very natural for me. I think the client felt at ease when she noticed how excited I was about the turnout of the photos.

What advice do you have for women (and men?) whom want to have a boudoir photo session done? How do you calm your clients' nerves?
a little wine, jk, the main thing is that I am constantly talking with them, interacting with them and teaching them poses and keeping them busy, I like to have fun with my clients to where they don't even think of their nervousness at all.

Any tips for what to do prior to the shoot? (i.e. no carbs before, drink lots of water, spray tanning, etc)
I always have my clients show up with loose clothing so there are no clothing lines on the skin, I dont recommend spray tanning unless they have done it before and do a custom professional spray tan and not just a tanning booth. My biggest thing is hair and make-up, the lights tone down the make-up about 30% and my make-up girls really know how to amp it up! Very important... the photos always seem to turn out better if the clients add on this service:) here are some tips:http://www.leboudoirstudio.com/#/faq/ and ... hair and make-up: http://www.leboudoirstudio.com/#/dolled-up/

What can clients come to expect from their experience at Le Boudoir Studio?
Clients come in super nervous and after the session, always seem to say, "wow, that was easier than I thought! you made me feel super comfortable". And most important, they leave with confidence! Check out the testimonials....http://www.leboudoirstudio.com/#/she-feels/

Do clients bring in their own articles of clothing and accessories, or do you provide them with any outfits or props?
I have tons of accessories here that clients can use but always tell the girls to bring their own just in case they are not liking mine, if I have something they like,its just a bonus:) , and the clients bring their own outfits as well:) I want to make sure they find the perfect fit and not rely on something here that may not work as well.
Are all photo shoots done solely at your studio, or do you seek out other venues as well? If you do go outside the studio, is there a favorite venue you have?
Almost all of my sessions are in the studio but the client can always rent a hotel room if she prefers, I love the Valley Ho Hotel, but love outdoor Boudoir even more. We have some more private locations for the outdoor sessions:)

I've heard of boudoir marathons done at hotels, do you partake in similar day long shoots for multiple clients to come at different time slots? Any coming up in the near future?
I do my Hotel Marathons in Las Vegas Hotels: http://www.leboudoirstudio.com/#/vegas-galleries/ but..... I have a santa baby session coming up November 2nd and 3rd and for this, we supply the outfits and you receive hair and make-up and a mini session with tons of goodies for a major discount! Here is the link: http://leboudoirstudioblog.com/mini-santa-baby-session/

There seems to be a rising trend in "morning after photo shoots", is that something you are offering to clients?
Yes, the wrapped in sheets is perfect for this look, I love the term, "Sunday Morning Boudoir"

Such great advice for ladies, and gents, who want to pose for boudoir pics! I don't know about others, but I just might need some wine or bubbly to cool my nerves and feel comfortable to pose in front of the camera.  I would love to participate in the Santa Baby mini session, maybe next year!  I also love the "Sunday Morning Boudoir", which can be for all couples really, but the concept post wedding night is intriguing.  My husband is game for that, actually, maybe for our 5 year anniversary?! Something to think about.

If you don't reside locally, the fact that Le Boudoir Studio is in Arizona shouldn't stop you.  If you find yourself in Vegas for your bachelorette party the same time Jodi Lynn might be in Vegas for a hotel marathon, go for it!  Likewise, coming to AZ for a visit?  Book your shoot here while you can, and make it an extra surprise!

Many thanks to Jodi Lynn for sharing with us a little bit about you, and providing us with some input on boudoir photography!  Find out her contact details below!

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