{DIY} Just Glitter-it!

I have just added a new addition to my craft stash-Glitter-It!  Have you heard of this?? My friend just turned me onto it, I had never heard of it until a week ago! If you haven't heard of it, you might want to add it yourself-especially if you like glitter! Glitter-It is this solution that you pour into glass vessels, like clear ornaments, glass blocks, etc., and glitter will stick to it!  This is a fast and easy DIY for your holiday wedding decorations and you'll want to do this in your home as well!  

Here's what you need:
Glitter-It (Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Amazon)
Glitter (I like ultra fine)
Paper plate-Optional

1.  Pour Glitter-It into your glass vessel, I chose a glass ornament.  Carefully and delicately it swirl it around the ornament.  When you feel it's coated the entire area, pour it back into the Glitter-It bottle, tapping the vessel slightly to make sure all loose liquid drips out.

2.  I chose a funnel to pour glitter into ornament.  However you feel comfortable to do this step is your call.  I find it cleaner for the surrounding surface area to do it this way.  I then turned the ornament round and round, leaving opening right side up so glitter doesn't come out just yet.  You could also close the opening of the ornament with your finger and shake it. 

3.  When you feel you have adequately covered the vessel with a good coating of glitter, pour and gently out remaining glitter onto paper plate.  Then you'll fold the paper plate in half and funnel glitter back into the glitter jar.  And you're done!  If there are a few open holes, repeat with the Glitter-It and glitter again, it'll coat the second time around.  

Easy peasy, right?  I am so enamored with this project! Just think of what you can do by making your own ornament glittery!  Have them at your guest seats and have them write well wishes to.  I once held a holiday party full of international friends.  I had each of them write Merry Christmas, in their language, in silver and gold ink onto the ornaments, and I had a tree full of international well wishes for the following year.  Have guests do the same but instead of holiday wishes, marriage wishes, advice or simply their names-you have yourself a guest book alternative! 

The fun doesn't stop at ornaments my friends!  I took my stained mason jar, and I added Glitter-It to that as well, and now I'm left with a glittery green mason jar!  

Special note: Don't fill vessels that have been glitter bombed with water, by the way!  If you want to fill your jars with real flower stems, opt for glass test tubes.  The water will wash the glitter off!

Have some empty Izze sparkling soda bottles lying around?  Peel off the labels, glitter bomb them as well and add them to your d├ęcor!  The options are endless!

Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy DIY project for your holiday events!