{Real Couples} Anjuli & Thomas's Mad Men Engagement Shoot

When photographer Andy Sams submitted to us Anjuli & Thomas's engagement shoot, I knew I had to share it.  It's got the 1930's Gangster meets Mad Men vibe to it, which is what they had in mind when shooting this, in downtown Austin.  I've often said I would move to Austin if given the opportunity, and this captures a little of that spirit that thrives there, which I love!  I have been to a sort of speakeasy there, and I believe one of the images seen here is at those "private" red doors, with a password like "Joe sent me" to get in the doors and into a dark and secretive world.

I present to you Anjuli & Thomas's Engagement Shoot captured by Andy Sams:

How cute are Anjuli & Thomas?  I love Anjuli's outfit, it is very vintage in appearance.  Throw in those gloves, pearls and hand bag and looks the part of the Mad Men ladies. 

I have to mention the car!  I love receiving submissions with these fabulous vintage cars! It definitely helps set the tone of the era that is trying to be portrayed.  

Many thanks to Andy Sams for the submission! 

Photographer: Andy Sams, Austin Texas