{Real Weddings} Amy & Jamie's Adorable First Glance Wedding

Are you at all superstitious when it comes to the wedding day?  Did you/will you partake in the "something old, something new" type of traditions?  Many wedding traditions are so steeped in history, it's hard to say how far back they go.  As are many superstitions, too many it seems, but people still live by them to avoid any harmful omens.  One of the biggest superstitions around is "no peeking before the wedding".  Does that matter to any of you lovely readers, or do you care?  I personally did not want to see my husband before walking down the aisle.  I didn't feel it would be bad luck, I just wanted to experience this one time to walk towards him, down the aisle, in the church, in front of all to see, not having seen each other since leaving the rehearsal dinner the night before.

Our photographer did offer us a "first glance" session, so we could go straight to the reception after the ceremony, but I didn't want that simply due to the fact I wanted my morning to be stress free and to take my sweet time.  However many do opt for the "first glance" as it is a time saver.  From brides I know, if they opted for the first glance, they still had the same butterflies and excitement when walking down the aisle.

Today's featured wedding has just the couple that chose to do have a "first glance" session, and it's really cute to look upon!  The submission comes from Crystal Image Photography, whom we've had the pleasure to work with in the past.  Crystal did an excellent job capturing Amy & Jamie's sweet moments before, during and after the "first glance".  Take a peek and let us know what you think, if you would have the same type of session before you exchanged your vows, or save the first glance for the aisle!

I love the color palette, and the little signs that Amy & Jamie used!  The bridesmaid dresses are really pretty and work well with the gray suits the groomsmen are wearing.

Many thanks to Crystal Image Photography for this submission!

Photographer: Crystal Image Photography, Farmville, Virginia