{Real Weddings} Chyna & Michael's Runaway Elopement

It is rare to receive an elopement shoot as a submission, but I love them just as much as full weddings, engagement shoots, etc!  Did you elope or do you plan to elope?  We'd love to hear from you!  Please share with us your elopement story at info@savvydeetsbridal.com.  

Today's elopement shoot comes from CV.Fuller Photography, and I am totally drawn into the fabulous imagery!  Chyna & Michael have this vintage vibe to them, and I love how the photography embraces that and much more.  Some of the images look like aged photos, which just adds to the ambiance of the shoot.  

Here is a little note that Carly, the photog, added about the shoot:
This unique bride and groom were eloping and wanted "really awesome and unique" engagement photos as they weren't requiring a wedding photographer. We collaborated on all the details and got this vagabond style, vintage, runaway session!

Get ready to runaway with this eloping couple, beautifully executed by CV.Fuller Photography:

I love Chyna & Michael's styled wardrobe, it works for this piece so well! I cannot get over the color of Chyna's dress and her vintage birdcage veil.

The abandoned train tracks as the setting makes the perfect backdrop for this runaway couple's shoot, wouldn't you say?  The luggage pieces are obvious choices as well, which I love vintage luggage any day of the week!

Many thanks to CV.Fuller Photography for this amazing submission!

Photographer: CV.Fuller Photography, Holiday, Florida