{Real Couples} Amanda & Ryan's 1920's Inspired Engagement Shoot

Are any of you familiar with that song from one of my favorite holiday movies, "It's A Wonderful Life", the one that has something to do with: "buffalo gals won't you come out tonight"?  Its from a scene when George & Mary meet in their college youth days, around the time of the late 1920's, and the song has a big meaning to this happily destined on-screen couple.  Well, I cannot get that song out of my head when I look at today's amazing engagement shoot, which reflects that same era! It's so well done and captures that old spirit of the 20's.  

When Daren from Esvy Photo submitted this to be featured on our blog, I just couldn't resist publishing it right away!  Once you take a look, you'll see why.  It literally looks like this photo shoot was tucked away in a photo album, buried deep in a hope chest, discovered in a forgotten attic.  It is glorious! 

Daren shared a bit about how this photo shoot came to be:
Amanda and Ryan met in High School. And b/c Amanda was mostly raised by her grandparents, who were young during the 20s and 30s, she wanted an engagement shoot that embodied that era in American History. So we created a vintage look and style for the photo shoot.

Feast your eyes on Amanda & Ryan's 1920's inspired engagement shoot, captured by Esvy Photo:



Well done to Esvy Photo for capturing the essence of the 1920's for Amanda & Ryan's vintage inspired shoot!  I love every image seen here.  I believe the key to pulling off a successful shoot like this is in the serious expressions of the couple.  Nobody smiled for photos in those days, but their smirks and twinkle in the eyes showed their every expression and thought.    

Congrats to Amanda & Ryan, and may your grandparents relish in your adorable engagement shoot! 

Photography: Esvy Photo, New York, New York,
Venue: Planting Fields, Oyster Bay, New York