{Real Couples} Tricia & Doug's Romantic Vancouver B.C. Engagement Shoot

I love hearing stories of how people met.  Sometimes you hear of childhood sweethearts, blind dates, online dating (like me!), situational placement (at the top of the Eiffel Tower, seats at a concert...), and then there are stories where the meeting could be a storyline worthy of a romantic film.

Tricia & Doug's story is kind of like that.  When Alexandra Hunt Photography reached out to submit the beautiful engagement shoot, she also shared their amazing story of how they met and came to be:
Tricia and Doug share an AMAZING how-we-met story, their engagement session was held in the iconic and antique Gastown area of Vancouver B.C. THEIR UNIQUE (and ultra romantic) LOVE STORY: Their eyes met from across the room, at a tradeshow in Washington. She was from BC, he from sunny California. “I was instantly attracted to him, it was like he was glowing.” “After the third day [at the show ], our eyes met and locked gazes for just a fraction of a second… I was pretty sure…I received that second glance, and after taking a good 15 minutes to muster up my courage, I walked over to her to say hello.” They hit it off, but eventually, at the end of the trade show and a wow-I-can’t-believe-we-have-so-much-in-common date later, they had to part ways. Tricia sat on a plane, waiting for takeoff, thinking. Thinking. Thinking of him, thinking about her life. The plane was delayed. They waited. The plane was delayed again. They waited. A threatened tornado delayed the plane, and after the announcement by the pilot, Tricia sat in her seat, a bundle of nerves and anticipation. Was she? Could she? For him? A breathless conversation with the airplane staff, the plane turned around and headed back to the terminal for Tricia. There, she got off the plane and with shaking fingers, dialed the number of the man she had met only days earlier. “Hi – it’s Tricia. I stayed.” + The rest was history. Miles and borders between them, but in December of 2012 they’ll wed – and finally be together. What a love story. What a couple! Meet: Tricia + Doug….

What a story! I say it is an epic "how-we-met" story!  What will you do if you lock gazes with someone across the room?  Will you muster up the courage and walk across the room to speak to that individual?  Not only that, but the one time a delayed flight is a actually good thing! We love it! 

Behold Tricia & Doug's romantic engagement shoot, beautifully captured by Alexandra Hunt Photography:


Tricia & Doug make quite a beautiful pair.  I love the purple hues in their wardrobe choices.  And what a gorgeous shoot in the antique part of Vancouver!  I love the image of the two kissing in front of that old gas lamp like structure, with Tricia's heel is up in the air! So sweet.  

Many thanks to Alexandra Hunt Photography for submitting to us this amazing engagement shoot, with quite the story for our readers to gush and swoon over! 

Photography: Alexandra Hunt Photography, Langley, British Columbia

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  1. wow!!! fascinating!!! love your engagement shoots filled with love!!!


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