{Real Couples} Kristin & Ira's Vintage Bookshop Engagement Shoot

I love the concept of today's engagement shoot being set in a tucked away bookshop!  One of the most common things that couples share is a love for books. Sometimes opposite interests might not join the two, but then one likes a book the other adores and has read 50 times cover to cover, it's usually the deal maker.  

When Scott Kretschmann Photography submitted Kristin & Ira's e-session, I thought it might agree with many lovebirds out there whom have a passion for literature and vintage bookshops.  This can inspire others to seek out a hidden gem in their area, and see if the shop would welcome the photo shoot.  Which section would you prefer? World travel, Russian literature, Poetry? Think about it, then do it! 

I present to you Kristin & Ira's engagement shoot, captured by Scott Kretschmann Photography:


Photography: Scott Kretschmann Photography, Troy, New York
Bookshop: Lyrical Balad Bookstore, Saratoga Springs, New York


  1. So happy to see this couple featured on your blog. You rock!

  2. The hair lighting looks great!


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