{Real Couples} Leah & Steve's Outdoor Kitchen Inspired Engagement Shoot

We love this simply sweet engagement shoot, submitted to us by Brightside Studios.  The shoot is setup outdoors, and resembles an outdoor kitchen! It's so unique, and very well executed.  

Here is what the folks at Brightside Studios had to say of Leah & Steve's shoot:
Leah is a show stopper, a wonderful cook, and a brilliant English teacher. Steve, he's a handsome brew master, also a teacher, and most of all, he is lucky in love. They do nothing but whisper sweet nothings, even when no one's watching. Oh these two. What a love, what a life, what a wonderful thing they have in each other. Leah loves to cook and wanted to do an outdoor kitchen themed shoot to match their vintage and simple style. Their pure joy is evident to all, but they are completely unaware of everyone's jealousy as we stop and stare.

Behold Leah & Steve's lovely outdoor kitchen shoot, captured by Brightside Studios:

The colors seen throughout the shoot are gorgeous! The beautiful fall foliage, the chosen wardrobe, the colorful decor, it's all just gorgeous and beautiful to the eye.  The random bits of decor pieces, like the map, typewriter, tea cups, it all works well, and has such a fun, vintage vibe to it.  

Our many thanks to Brightside Studios for submitting your gorgeous photography. 

Photographer: Brightside Studios, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Venue: Starwood Ranch, Kalkaska, Michigan

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  1. Such an interesting idea for an engagement photo shoot. The color and the angle is so vibrant and the couples seems to have a lot fun while doing the shoot.


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