{Real Weddings} Brenna & Drew's Delightful Albuquerque Wedding

OK friends, this is one of the cutest submissions we've had come our way in quite a while!  It's a simple wedding with an abundance of love, fun spirit, and a bit of quirk that make the whole event just a joy to look upon.  The submission comes from Latisha Lyn Photography, and we couldn't be more smitten.  

Before I get to the photography, we have the pleasure to have access to Brenna & Drew's wedding video from Fresh Press Films.  I think once you see the video the wedding just make sense and means more.  I got sweet chills when I saw it.  The best part...the "first glance" was captured! I've only seen first glances in photos, not caught on video, and it's so beautiful!

Sit back, and enjoy Brenna & Drew's delightful wedding:

Brenna and Drew are such a cute couple! Their love for one another is captured so beautifully.  Seeing the video to their lovely wedding just adds an element I'm not sure I would've captured with just the photography.  Maybe it has to do with seeing the "first glance" unfold, hearing the laughter and joy throughout, it's just truly heartwarming and magical.

The choice in wardrobe and decor is charming and playful.  First of all, I love Brenna's dress! It's stunning on her.  I love the bridesmaid dresses in that everyone is wearing a separate and vibrant color.  The groomsmen attire has something of a nostalgic vintage vibe, which I love! The outdoors setting, with that ribbon curtain is really sweet too.  My favorite part of this whole wedding is the heart theme, seen on the groomsmen, at the altar, and in the decor.  It almost has that sweet Valentine's vibe from school days.  So simple, so touching.

Our sincere thanks to Latisha Lyn Photography for submitting such a joyful wedding.

Photography: Latisha Lyn Photography//Videography: Fresh Press Films//Floral Designer: Amy Nicole Floral Studio//Venue: Hubbell House Alliance
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. The pictures are gorgeous.. Really refreshing to see the pictures they are so colorful and lovely..

  2. I was there! It was amazing!! The video almost captures how magical it was to be a part of it all.


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