{Real Weddings} Michelle & Steve's Las Vegas Wedding

Happy Monday! How do you feel about a Vegas wedding?  Have you had one yourself? Have you been to one?  Would you ever marry in Vegas? We are curious to know! I have been to Vegas for a wedding, held at the Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino, and I was amazed! Prior to going I had no idea what to expect.  Once there, it was so elegant and grand.  The ceremony was small and not what I am used to, held in a small room, but the reception was in a gorgeous ballroom, done up to the nines! I had no idea at the time what Vegas offered to those planning to wed! Luckily this was years ago, nearly 10 to be exact, as that couple is returning to Vegas and to the Monte Carlo to celebrate their 10 year anniversary in May, and we're all going! My thought on a Vegas wedding is to treat it like a destination wedding, and go for it! Whether it's a handful of people, or 100, it is sure to be a fun time!

With that said, today we are featuring a couple whom wed in Vegas, and they did so in vintage style! Michelle & Steve's photography was submitted to us by Alex Mo Photography, and here is a note about the Vegas nuptials:
Michelle & Steve are from Vancouver, Canada, and decided on a fun getaway wedding to Las Vegas! They met on a slo-pitch softball team and never looked back. They love the outdoors, board games, watching NFL, and their dog Dexter (yes, named after the show!) They also enjoy pretty and rustic low-key environments like Red Rock as well as the bright lights Vegas has to offer. They love hanging by the pool by day and dancing at the club by night. But best of all, they love each other and really enjoy each other's presence, as evidenced by the photos. For their wedding, they enjoyed all of it. For her look, they went with the cute vintage look as evidenced by her beautiful veil, antique pearl necklace, and short, cute dress. Amelia Cline did an awesome job prepping her for her special day with both hair and makeup. Also, don't forget Michelle's royal blue shoes, which go perfectly with her white rose bouquet with orange and blue accented flowers.

Aww, I love that their dog is named Dexter after the show! A couple after my own heart! Please enjoy Michelle & Steve's Las Vegas wedding, captured by Alex Mo Photography:

Too cute! I am so loving Michelle's blue heels! They go so perfect with her darling vintage dress.  I also love that the photography took place at both the Bellagio, and then in the desert.  

Many thanks to Alex Mo Photography for submitting to us your work!

Photography: Alex Mo Photography, Walnut, California
Reception Venue: Bellagio Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada
Ceremony Location: A Little White Chapel, Las Vegas, Nevada
Makeup Artist: Amelia C & Co, LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada