{Bridal Portrait} Light & Lace by Studio Eleven Photography

Oh do we love it when photographers capture wedding gowns at just the right time of day!  They know when the angle of the sun is at the most opportune time to cast it's gorgeous rays onto luscious fabrics.  Such is the case for this gorgeous bridal portrait shoot, submitted to us by Studio Eleven Photography. They knew that an hour just before sunset, in the middle of Texas in early October, the lighting that they would capture would be dreamy and stunning on their gorgeous bride, and her exquisite lace gown.

Robin Haws with Studio Eleven Photography:
For this bridal portrait session we wanted an outdoors area with gorgeous but, minimal scenery while being able to give it a slight vintage look. The field we used was perfect for the look we wanted to achieve. The bride's lace dress and classic look complimented the faint vintage tone we were shooting for. 

We just love the result of this shoot! Behold this gorgeous bridal portrait, captured by Studio Eleven Photography:

See?! Gorgeous! The lighting is just perfect, and so is the dress.  I love the image in the center, with the dress flowing behind her, picked up by the wind, maybe.  It's a stunner! Actually all of these are stunners!

Thanks again to Studio Eleven Photography for the gorgeous submission!

Photographer: Studio Eleven Photography, Skidmore, Texas


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