{Real Weddings} Becky & Jeff's Wrigley Mansion Wedding

One of my most favorite spots to visit in the greater Phoenix area is the The Wrigley Mansion.  It is an historical mansion, built in the early 1930's, by William Wrigley Jr., of Wrigley Gum.  It was created as a "winter cottage", and the smallest of Mr. Wrigley's 5 residences.

The decor has not changed it's luster in over 80 years, and it is divine!   Trust me when I say the decor makes me swoon for days.  It is a vintage decor lover's dream! One of my fave things to do at the mansion is go for wine at sunset, it is a beautiful sight to behold!  Being there at nighttime is magical, and the history envelopes those that visit like a comfy shawl.

The Wrigley Mansion is known as a popular venue to host weddings, and various social events.  Today I have the honor of sharing such a wedding at this very special Phoenix landmark, submitted to us by Angelina Rose Photography.  I was so thrilled to receive the submission from a photographer I've long had on my radar of Phoenix photographers, and to be at my favorite spot in the Valley of the Sun.

This wedding is really amazing, in decor, in spirit,  and most importantly, in love.  Angelina had this to say of Becky & Jeff's magical day:
It's undeniable just how lively and expressive Becky and Jeff are, not only as individuals but as a couple. When it came right down to the details of their wedding day, the roaring 20s came to life once again. Decorative umbrellas with splashes of red and black hung from the ceilings, the cosy mid-century ballroom embraced a large jazz band and a hopping roulette table among dancing flapper-esce guests. The clinking of glasses, dice scattering, laughter ensuing, trumpets blaring. Becky and Jeff in the middle with their loved ones. There could not have been a better celebration that night.

Behold Becky & Jeff's Wrigley Mansion Wedding, as captured by Angelina Rose Photography:

What a stunning wedding! The vibe of Becky & Jeff, and their wedding, is truly electric.  I can just hear the laughter and joy of those that attended this gorgeous affair.

The vintage theme, as worn by the guests is out of this world! I love it that guests came dressed the part in vintage inspired outfits, as if they were attending a gala during the mansion's 1930 hay day.  

I absolutely love the bridal suite where Becky got ready.  It is gorgeous! So many shots of the historic mansion just really make it come to life.  I have to point out, being the supernatural lover that I am, yet don't often share, did you notice the image of the newlyweds kissing, and a blurred image streaking the bottom left portion of the picture? The mansion is reported haunted, and that shot just makes me wonder if Mr. Wrigley himself came to approve of Becky & Jeff's wedding! Who knows, but it is intriguing!

The decor, I'm swooning over all of it!  I adore the hanging upside down umbrellas, it's really unique and elegant.  The flowers from Aspen Renee Flower Boutique are delicious in rich color and unique touches.  I love the vintage casino table, to evoke that vintage casino night vibe, it's pretty awesome!

This whole wedding gets an A+ in our books for sure! Many thanks to Angelina Rose Photography for this awesome submission! 

Photographer: Angelina Rose Photography, Phoenix, Arizona
Florist: Aspen Renee Flower Boutique, Mesa, Arizona
Venue: The Wrigley Mansion, Phoenix, Arizona,
Band: Lets Dance Band, Phoenix, Arizona
Equipment Rentals:  A Casino Event Entertainment, Phoenix, Arizona
Equipment Rentals: Bella Umbrella, Seattle, Washington


  1. You're SO welcome Kristen!! Thank you for the A+ rating! =) This was definitely one of the most vibrant, energetic, and fun weddings I have ever photographed. <3 my clients!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Angelina! We will be swooning over this wedding for a long time!! :)

  2. Wow! All the pictures are nice. You both like made for each other. And I especially love the picture that holds the board “Uncle Jeff, here comes your bride”.


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