{Real Weddings} Bethany & Derek's Bliss Filled Wedding

When I received today's wedding in my inbox from Studio Eleven Photography, I was enamored by the gorgeous photography, and  the amazing color palette! I am so loving coral, mixed with lime green and gray! It's so stunning!

Robin, the photog behind the lens, had this to say of Bethany & Derek's beautiful wedding:
Bethany and Derek's storybook wedding was gorgeous from beginning to end. The bride was absolutely radiant and, though the day was cold and dreary, their images are absolutely filled with warmth. From the beautiful ceremony we took the bridal party to a state park in Goliad, Texas that houses one of the many old missions in the area. The site proved to be a perfect location for all the bridal party portraits. Utilizing the amazing and old architecture, we continued in the area for photos of the bride and groom. The reception details were incredibly romantic and the love between the bride and groom was evident in every photo. The couple was very accommodating for the photography and worked with us wonderfully to ensure that the photos of their wedding would be absolutely perfect. The classic beauty of the bride shines so well against both the vintage areas we used as well as the traditional church. While they never pandered to the camera, the bride and groom were impressively aware of our presence and moved through their special day like both professional models and just two people absolutely in love. The entire experience was bliss for all involved.

Behold the blissful wedding of Bethany & Derek, captured by Studio Eleven Photography:

What an amazing wedding! Studio Eleven did such an amazing job at capturing Bethany & Derek's emotions so well.  I love the tender images, like the one where the bridal party is walking, the bride's mom and the junior bridesmaid are holding her dress as not to let it get dirty, and the two adorable little flower girls are in front.  I also love the shot of her peering out the door, and then of Derek's expression as his bride is coming down the aisle.  When looking back on your wedding photography, it is not about looking at what a gorgeous cake you had, even though it's important, it's those small moments in time that the photographer happened to capture, and you will forever smile upon remember the emotions. 

Many thanks to Studio Eleven Photography yet another beautiful submission!

Venue: Goliad Memorial Auditorium, Goliad, Texas
Submitted via Two Bright Lights