{Real Weddings} Emily & Thomas's Southern Vintage Wedding

We have the great pleasure to share this wonderfully sweet wedding with you today, submitted to us by  Just a Dream Photography.  Not only are the details and touches sweet to behold, but the touching story of Emily & Thomas is so heartwarming and dear.  Upon first glance of this wedding, I knew I wanted to hear the love story of this adorable couple.  I reached out to the bride to see if she could share a bit about her and Tom's love story, and learn about her wedding details.  She agreed to share, and I couldn't be more thrilled! 

Here's a little bit about how the couple met and how Thomas proposed.  

The Meeting
I met Tom when he was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I was attending Campbell Law School in Raleigh, North Carolina. By happenstance we met through a friend and after our first date I decided I was pretty smitten with him.

The Proposal
Fun story. In July of 2011 we learned that Tom would be going to Camp Casey, South Korea. It was an Army Base right on the border between North and South Korea. It would be a one year duty station for him. I was the saddest girl ever when he told me. A whole year apart? A whole 10,000 miles apart? It seemed impossible. Before he left, the evening before actually, he told me that he wasn’t going to let a few miles change anything. He asked me if I would marry him. There wasn’t a ring, there weren’t any rose petals, or violins playing in the background. But it was the sweetest most wonderful question I have ever been asked. I obviously said yes. We spent the next few months on Skype constantly (seriously whoever invented that website deserves a medal). I decided that I would come visit him, in Korea, over my Christmas break. When we decided I was officially traveling there, we also decided that we would get married there. So we did. On a cold (and I mean cold) December day we traveled from Camp Casey to Seoul, South Korea. It was a 2 hour train ride. We went to the “marriage office” and a woman, who spoke little to no English gave us a paper, made us raise our right hands and sign said paper. That was it, we were “officially” married. We then proceeded to a small, cramped office to have a civilian translate our marriage license into English (we have two copies now, one in English and one in Korean). After I returned home my Momma and I decided that maybe we could have a real wedding as well. Something where a person actually recited vows. So, I started planning.

I love this story! First the sweet proposal before Thomas shipped off to Korea, then the simple marriage in Korea! Military couples sacrifice a lot, we all know, and this proves that regardless of distance apart, couples come together, and will tie the knot wherever they can in order to be together, however that can happen.  If it means making the vows official in a foreign land where English isn't the Native tongue, it will happen.  

Luckily for Emily and Thomas, they got to share in their wedded bliss in true American fashion, with a ceremony and all, surrounded by family and friends.  I'm so glad they had an American ceremony and reception, but this wedding is full of the sweetest little details.

Behold Emily & Thomas's Southern Vintage Wedding, captured by Just a Dream Photography:


The Planning
I love the south. I was born and bred here. Though Tom is from the Midwest (Nebraska specifically) he understands my affinity for my family and home. I love rocking chairs, mason jars, BBQ sandwiches, and Cheerwine. I love houses that have low hanging Wisteria vines. I Love the smell of summertime and lightening bugs. I love the country. I also love antiques (I get that from my Momma). I love anything that reminds me of where I came from. I wanted a wedding that embraced all of those things. I wanted a Southern Vintage wedding.

The Color Palette
Picking the color was easy. I love purple. I also love purple flowers (especially Wisteria and Wildflowers)

The Details
I owe about 85% of my wedding decorations to my Momma. She made all of the grapevine balls and chalkboard picture frames. She also helped me find my chandelier (that the ceremony took place under). My cousin is an antique scouter (she goes all over the state looking for good antiques and junk to fix and sells it in her shop) she found all of my mason jars. I didn’t want to use new mason jars, I wanted the old blue ones. She found them for me. Also, all of the antique tea pots my Momma and I found. We went to every antique store in a 200 mile radius and only got the ones we absolutely loved. We also picked out all of the broaches on my flowers and my bridesmaid flowers. Those were fun little details that my Momma and I did together. My Aunt Tammy made all of the candy for my favors (it is a special family tradition of peanut butter/chocolate fudge). It is soooo delicious. My cakes were some of my favorite details. I couldn’t decide what flavor of cake I wanted. So my Momma and I figured, why pick one? I also thought a bunch of cakes fit with my Southern theme. We ate BBQ for dinner, why not have sort of a dessert bar to finish it off. So I picked my 4 favorite flavors, and I picked 4 different lace patterns to decorate the different cakes with. (The flavors were lemon cream, fresh strawberry, dreamsicle, and funfetti)
The Venue
It was such a pretty barn. And since my wedding was in July, in the south, Air Conditioning was a MUST!!

The Planning Process
I started seriously planning around February of 2012, and got married in July of 2012. I didn’t hire anyone. I did a lot of Pinterest and Etsy research. My Momma helped me so much with allllll of the details. She also picked out all of the candy for my Candy Bar.

The Dress
I had done some research online before I ever actually went shopping. I knew the style I wanted. Something lacy and something that seems traditionally beautiful. I went to two different places. Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC and then David’s Bridal. David’s Bridal had the dress that I had initially seen online and loved. I tried it on and it was over. I loved that dress and I still do. Sometimes I contemplate just wearing it around the house or perhaps on a trip to Walmart.

The Bridesmaids
My bridesmaids were my dearest friends. Sara Acosta (I met her in College and she can’t get rid of me). Jessica Sammons (I also met her in College, and we followed one another to law school. I call her my battle buddy and couldn’t imagine not having her around). Maddie Decoteau (Another College friend that I tend to be the bravest with, she is my party buddy). Emily Garner (I actually met her working at a restaurant in our Hometown, eventually however she ended up marrying my cousin…so now we’re family and she is really stuck with me). Sheena Kafka (my sister-n-law, she has welcomed me with open arms and I love spending time with her). My Made of Honor: Bianca Alsobrook (my oldest dearest friend. I met her in Middle School and we have been as thick as thieves ever since.)

Memorable Moments
I would say the exact moment I saw my husband in his Dress Uniform. He was so handsome and I couldn’t wipe the huge grin off of my face. Right now, typing this I have that same huge grin. Also; the dance I did with my Father. Technically he is my step-father. But he married my Momma when I was two and I have loved him like a father ever since. We danced to “My Girl” which is what he use to sing to me when I was little. I cried during that dance and so did he.

The Honeymoon
We technically consider Seoul our honeymoon. We stayed in the Ritz Carlton, and lived it up for 4 days. After the North Carolina wedding in July we went to my Grandmother’s Beach House on Oak Island, NC. It wasn’t fancy, but it sure was relaxing.

Savvy Advice
Just enjoy it. It may seem like a long and daunting process. But you’ll look back on it and realize it was actually fun. Also; remember that your guest are there to celebrate with you. It isn’t your sole responsibility to ensure that they have the best time of their life. It is more important that you have the best time of your life. If you are having a good time, so will they.
I couldn't agree more with Emily about enjoying every bit of planning a wedding, and then enjoying the wedding itself.

My fave things in this wedding: the decor in the barn, with the twinkle lights wrapped around the dried vines, the chandelier above the alter, the blue vintage mason jars, and the lace cake. It came together so well. How fun to have gone far and wide to look for just the right touches, too!

And I just love how there was more than one cake, offering different flavors! I did that too, but I had a tiered cake.  The separate cakes idea is perfect when you just cannot decide! (The lemon cream sounds delicious, by the way!!)

Many thanks to Emily for taking the time to share your love story with us, and the details that went into your wonderful wedding. We wish you and Thomas all the best in your marriage and life.

Many thanks as well to Just a Dream Photography for this wonderful submission!

Photography: Just a Dream Photography, Concord, North Carolina
Ceremony & ReceptionVenue: The Fair Barn
Florist: Mary Maness at Southern Belle Florist
Cake Decorator: Maxie B’s Bakery and Dessert CafĂ©
Caterer: White Rabbit Catering