{Real Weddings} Erin & Cheston's Charming Southern Vintage Wedding

I don't know about you, but I have seen the most unique wedding details lately! People are just so imaginative, it is really a treat to see.  Recently I've shared weddings that had creative individuals do amazing things with the decor, like a handkerchief ribbon garland and tiered vinyl record stands.  I'm speechless! Who comes up with this stuff, and can I see more of it, please?! It definitely spurs the brain to get inspiration going.  

Today we are featuring this beautiful southern vintage wedding, photographed by Studio Eleven Photography,  that has some really unique touches to it, like doilies, lanterns and ferns all hanging from the ceiling.  It's a vision to behold! The venue is rustic, with such a charming vibe.  The colors are warm and light, it is truly dreamy.

Robin with Studio Eleven Photography describes Erin & Cheston's wedding:
Erin and Cheston's special day was a vintage southern dream from beginning to end. The Ranch at San Patricio was meticulous in their attention to detail and truly thought of everything, from the bride's lace dress to the lemonade served at the ceremony, the antique center pieces to the vintage dressers used as cake tables and each little detail in between. The look and feel of the day was the perfect way to show the true southern charm that the lovely couple show everyone in their lives.

Please enjoy along with me Erin & Cheston's Charming Southern Vintage Wedding, beautifully captured by Studio Eleven Photography:

I keep going back to the indoor ceiling of the venue...it is dreamy and just heavenly to look upon. To hang vintage lanterns, doilies and handkerchiefs with ferns, it's unique and brings this magical ambiance to the setting.  Well done to the creators!

Many thanks to Studio Eleven Photography for submitting to us this charming southern wedding! 

Photographer:  Studio Eleven Photography
Venue: The Ranch at San Patricio, Mathis, Texas
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Wow, that was so lovely and an A+ for the photography and theme.

  2. We had an old truck like this one about 21 years ago...loved it but people kept trying to steal it. The wedding colors are so serene and beautiful...ring bearer is too cute with the sign around his neck!

  3. Where did they find all those lace or crocheted shawls (or are they table cloths or runners)? Those and the lanterns really give a warm, homespun feel to this wedding!


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