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Rain rain, go away, it's our wedding day...or stay? Would a little rain ruin your outdoor nuptials, or would you stay and let Mother Nature rain down on you a little? Some find it symbolic, others not so much.  I'm not talking hurricane rain, or torrential downpours, but a summertime sprinkle.  If you get married during a time of year when you know afternoon showers happen often, would you arm yourself and guests with umbrellas and add the excitement of rain to the mix, or have an indoor back up plan ready? 

Today's featured wedding is an example of a couple, and their guests, that stuck out the rainy day, and didn't let the rain ruin their vows.  In fact, they are all smiles, and it looks like they could care less there was rain.  The wedding was submitted to us all the way from Viseu, Portugal, by Nuno Palha.  The photography is amazing, as you soon shall see.  It is a bit edgy, a lot of black and white imagery, which fits the couple's vintage vibe.  The bride is the quintessential vintage bride, evoking that 1950's rockabilly style, which I LOVE! 

Without further ado, I present to you Maria & Manoel's Retro Vintage Wedding, beautifully captured by Nuno Palha:

The energy and spirit of Maria & Manoel is mesmerizing.  Their smiles towards each other are gorgeous and genuine.  Nuno Palha captured their love for one another, and their spirit beautifully.  One of my fave images is of the two on the Vespa.  There is something so nostalic and European about that image.  The umbrellas seen throughout almost work like props, even though their sole purpose was to shield all from the droplets of rain.  

I love the almost "peeking" look to the images of Maria, like when she's in the car with her son, and standing in the window-you almost miss her, but she's there.  She makes a beautiful vintage bride with her dark hair coiffed just so, wearing the birdcage veil, and amazing bright red lips, with shoes to match.  When the images are in black and white, you could assume they were shot back in the 1950's.  I love that aspect! 

The guests that attended Maria & Manoel's wedding looked to have a blast as well! The dance party seen here towards the end makes me want to jump right in and twist along to the live band! I can only imagine the music might have been rockabilly style, or straight up covers from the 1950's. 

Many thanks to Nuno Palha for submitting your work to be featured on our blog! Please come back again!

Photography, Nuno Palha, Pa├žo de Arcos, Portugal
Venue: Casa da Insua, Viseu, Portugal


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