{Styled Shoot} Grecian Love by Vangelis Photography | Santorini, Greece

When I received this amazing styled shoot from Vangelis Photography, my jaw dropped straight to the floor! I had no words. This styled shoot is beyond words gorgeous, and I cannot believe I was one of a few to receive the submission.  

The shoot takes place in Cyclades, Greece, on the island of Santorini.  Not many know this outright, as I always speak of France or Japan, but Santorini is definitely on my bucket list.  It has been for many, many years.  It is a gorgeous place a of beauty, full of pristine white buildings and amazing cobalt blue rooftops atop beautiful rocky hillside cliffs.  To see a wedding styled shoot take place here is this blogger's dream come true! 

So grab your cordial glass of Ouzo, and enjoy this breathtaking styled shoot, captured so beautifully by Vangelis Photography:

My many thanks to Vangelis Photography for submitting to us such an extraordinary styled wedding shoot! It still has me speechless, and with tears in my eyes. 

Photography: Vangelis Photography, Cyclades, Greece