{Styled Shoot} A Rustic Elopement

I love elopement styled shoots.  They are intimate and tender, and show couples that although it's just the two of you and nobody else for your marriage celebration, having a photographer capture this special moment can still be considered.  What's more, an elopement can still be styled the way you want it to look.  It is just the two of you to please after all, instead of 100, so you can be as creative as you want without considering others! 

When photographer Tianna of Truly TY Photography got together with Stephanie at Stephanie Judd Photography, Jennifer of Shine with Jennifer Leigh, and floral designer Karen of Aleen Floral Design, they created the perfect styled shoot to inspire couples whom go the elopement route. Tianna shared this note with us about the shoot:
Creation is one of the most beautiful things we as humans can do. I think the reason why artists find so much joy in our work is because we are emulating God in creating something new and different and beautiful. Stylized Shoots are a big trend in photography right now. And the TheatreKid in me just EATS THEM UP! I love creativity and creation. I love moving outside the norm. I love doing and shooting something different. I love being about to create a plan like my stage manager self would if I was involved in a play production. Set the stage, find the props, cast the company, put on the production. I originally went in on this wonderful Rustic Stylized Shoot again with the awesome Stephanie Judd of Stephanie Judd Photography. She and I pouring our creativity and dual strengths to develop this fun elopement idea. We wanted something different. We wanted it small and intimate. We wanted it outdoors and we wanted lots of color. We wanted to capture the true emotion and and giddyness that comes with a perfect untouched and just simple wedding. An elopement. Just two people in love pledging that love to each other. So here it is Friends. The Rustic Elopement.

The lighting and scenery is really beautiful throughout the shoot.  I love the vintage inspired wardrobe.  The way the light shines through the flowey lacey dress model Kiara is wearing is simply stunning.  

I love the floral choice as well.  The combination of the cabbage looking greenery, the magenta tulips and dark purple calla lilies is gorgeous!  

Many thanks to Truly TY Photography , Stephanie Judd Photography, Shine with Jennifer Leigh, and Aleen Floral Design for submitting this lovely styled shoot our way! 

Floral Designer: Aleen Floral Design
Models: Kiara & Isaac
Hair & Makeup Artist: Tiana Marie
Venue: Adam Thoroughgood House, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Submitted via Two Bright Lights