{Styled Shoot} Seaside Bohemian Chic Inspiration

Get ready to ooh and ahh over today's lovely Bohemian styled shoot, submitted for your viewing pleasure by MickoPhoto! It is magical with the light, the sea, and the barefeet in the sand. I love the attire chosen for this shoot, as you'll soon see.   The bride's dress is sheer, delicate, and flowy in the ocean breeze.  The attire of the groom by her side is perfect for the beach as well, so relaxed and carefree with rolled up pant cuffs.  

The timing of day that this shoot took place provided gorgeous lighting for MickoPhoto to play with.  You can tell it is just before sunset over the Pacific Ocean.  The shadow play and points where the sun's golden rays shine down upon the couple is just glorious! 

Please enjoy this beautifully styled Seaside Bohemian Chic Inspiration, captured by MickoPhoto:

Many thanks to MickoPhoto for the beautiful submission!

Photography: MickoPhoto, Glen Cove, New York
Event Designer: Linnea Adams, Oceanside, California
Venue: Sunset Cliffs, San Diego, California