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We have the pleasure to share with you some excellent insight on picking exotic locales for couples to marry.  One of the spots to be mentioned, the Seychelles Islands, is my ultimate dream getaway. Just reading about it here makes me want to book my ticket!  Would you tie the knot at any of these locales, or honeymoon there? Let us know! 

Ideal Exotic Locations for Your Wedding

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life. From the dress to flowers, whether
you’re a blushing bride or a giddy groom, everything should be absolutely perfect to ensure that
your day is just as you pictured it.

This would explain why destination weddings are so popular. Where better to set such an important
day than an absolutely breath-taking location? With so many stunning wedding destinations
available, it can be difficult finding the perfect place for the ceremony.

Some people prefer the elegance and quiet beauty of an old church for example, others long for a
more subtle open-air woodland wedding. What about the sun-worshippers? Those who love nothing
more than the feel of the sand beneath their toes whilst they watch the sunset over the crystal clear

To those people, the destination should be as remarkable as the wedding itself. For those of you
who are enchanted by the exotic, we’ve put together a list of the most stunning tropical wedding

Nassau, Bahamas

The bustling capital city of the Bahamas, Nassau features the perfect combination of exciting culture
and remarkable views. In this utopian city steeped in history, you can host your wedding on one of
the regions many luscious white beaches. You’ll be happily surrounded by swaying palm trees, clear
blue skies and shimmering turquoise waters.

When the ceremony is finished, you and your wedding guests can celebrate your special day by
exploring the islands illustrious history, or by taking a short-ferry ride over to the picturesque
Paradise Island.

Big Island, Hawaii

If it’s a truly unforgettable experience you want, then look no further than Hawaii’s Big Island. The
beautiful scenery is made all the more breath-taking by the strikingly majestic live volcano that sits
atop Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. Don’t think for second that one the world’s most active
volcanoes will distract from you wonderful day though, as every inch of Hawaii’s landscape boasts
awe-inspiring natural beauty.

For something a bit different, why not host your wedding on Hawaii’s renowned Punaluu Black Sand
Beach. The contrast of the deep black shoreline against a brides beautiful white dress will make for a
truly unforgettable experience.

Belle Mare, Mauritius

Mark Twain once wrote that “Heaven was copied after Mauritius”, and one visit to this dreamlike
location will no doubt have you agreeing with him. Located on the East Coast, Belle Mare encloses
beautiful white sand beaches lapped by the crystal clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.
Mauritius truly is the home of luxury.

If wedding nerves are starting to creep in, take a break from the gorgeous beaches and spend time taking in the sights as you enjoy one of the islands many extravagant spa resorts. Let all your troubles float away as you relax and treat yourself to an amazing pamper session before your big day. If a spa day doesn’t appeal, how about a few rounds of golf on one of Mauritius’s many luscious green golf courses? It’s a location that truly has to be seen, and experienced, to be believed, and once you visit you’ll never want to leave.

Praslin Island, Seychelles

Just north of Mauritius lies another well-kept tropical secret, the stunningly beautiful Seychelles.
This cluster of small islands will have a massive impact on your wedding day, as both you and your
guests will fall in love with the islands magnificent features. You can hop from isle to isle to get a
true taste of all that Seychelles has to offer, and any one of the islands would make for a beautiful
wedding location. However, it’s the regions second largest habitat, Praslin Island, that’ll make your
wedding truly memorable.

Imagine setting your wedding on one of the smallest natural World Heritage Sites, in the magnificent
Vallee de Mai forest, where you’ll be surrounded by exotic Coco de Mer trees. Their peculiar shaped
seeds can be seen nowhere else but a few islands in the Seychelles, and will help to make the
ceremony truly unforgettable.

Castaway Lagoon, Fiji

Where better to host an exotic destination wedding than your very own island. Castaway Lagoon
proves that you don’t have to be celebrity to own your very own island, even if it is only for one
day. Castaway Island only hosts one wedding per day, meaning that the time spent there is truly
yours. You’ll be the very centre of attention, treated better than you could ever imagine. Whether
you want to celebrate surrounded by lush greenery or have the warm sandy beaches as a beautiful
outdoor aisle, this peaceful island is the dream wedding destination.

This article was written on behalf of Mauritius Holiday Direct who specialize in all-inclusive luxury holidays in Mauritius.

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  2. Wow, some of these pictures are stunning. Really beautiful locations, places we only dream about visiting.

  3. I might personally choose the Seychelles because I've heard so many lovely things. Great post, thank you!

    1. For the ultimate getaway experience one must go far and away, and Seychelles is that very spot! Great minds think alike, Nell! :)


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