{Advice} Donate or Recycle your Bridesmaid Gowns!

I stumbled upon this topic, which I am not sure many of you are aware of...Donating & Recycling Bridesmaid Dresses! I have actually heard of donating bridesmaid dresses, and bridal gowns for that matter.  Recycling is something to also consider.  Here are a few things you can do with those "old things" hanging in your closets:

Are you going on a cruise in the near future?  Most cruise liners do require formal attire at some point during your stay with them.  What a great time to not have to purchase a formal gown, you already have one! And trust me, nobody will think "that looks like a bridesmaid dress"...you're out at sea, and people will be thinking how stunning you look in your fuchsia gown!

If you have someone whom is handy with a sewing machine, have them turn your bridesmaid gown into something you can wear again and again.   If you don't know of someone, seek out a highly recommended seamstress/tailor in your area.

Likewise, use the fabric from the dress to create decor throughout your home, like a nice little throw pillow or table runner.  Have a tulle lined skirt? Make your niece a tutu out of that tulle!

Newlymaid, by Dessy, is coming up with a way to recycle bridesmaid dresses into to "new filament for eco-friendly fabrics", per their website.  Now that is a cool concept.  I'd like to stay up to date on this topic for sure, and see if other companies follow this trend.

The Green Bride Guide, which is an excellent resource for eco-conscious brides, lists a few other ways to recycle your wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses.  In New York City, there is an organization dedicated to helping the citizens of NYC stay green and eco-friendly.  If you reside in this area, check out www.grownyc.org to find out where you can donate your clothing that then gets recycled for other uses.

Lastly, and most importantly, is how to donate those bridesmaid gowns for others, possibly less fortunate, to enjoy.  There is a wonderful program here in Arizona called the Arizona Princess Program, where people can donate gently worn formal gowns, be it from prom or a wedding, and accessories, to this wonderful organization that helps teenage foster girls.

Volunteers for APP arrange dress drives for people to donate their dresses & accessories, which will be worn to an annual event put on by the Arizona Princess Program.  The lucky recipients of the dresses get to experience a day of pampering, services which are also donated by Phoenix salons.  The girls are then whisked to a five course dinner, followed by an evening of dancing.  Such a sweet organization, and what a great way to give back, by helping girls feel and look beautiful!

I'm sure many organizations exist like this across the US, and possibly globally.  One company that accepts bridesmaid dresses for donations, in case you were searching and didn't know, is Newlymaid by Dessy.  If you purchase from them one of their adorable "little black dresses", which is every girl's best friend, they (Newlymaid) will also send you a return mailer, complete with packaging and prepaid shipping for you to send your old bridesmaid dress back in, hassle free! You can request to have it donated!  Oh why didn't this exist back when I got married?!  My bridesmaid dresses still went to APP, but this option would have also been great.

Just some savvy tips for you lovelies on what to do with your bridesmaid gowns!  Have you done any of the above, or something creative with your old bridesmaid gown? Please share, we'd love to hear!

Photo Credit: Joshua Tyi Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights