{Advice} Unique Off-Registry Wedding Gift Ideas

Question for you savvy readers out there: Do you stay close to the wedding registry, or do you go off the registry and pick out something more "unique"?  Although it's easier to get someone a gift listed on their wedding registry, it's often more meaningful, sometimes, to choose something unexpected. Sometimes straying off the registry can backfire, however.  But, we're talking about the good in going off-registry today.

PETA once gave a gift to longtime supporter Alec Baldwin when he married Hilaria Thomas. They rescued an overworked Indian bull, named it after the newlyweds and committed to caring for it at an animal sanctuary for the rest of its life, according to MNN.com.

Adopting a live animal might not be the most practical gift for every couple, but thoughtful gifts tailored to the happy couple show that you really care about their interests. Consider some of these unique wedding gift ideas next time you're shopping for a bride and groom.

Tandem Bike

What's more romantic than a bicycle fit for two? If you're afraid independent types won't actually use the tandem, consider getting his-and-hers bikes in matching colors so the newlyweds can head out in style for laps around the lake together. It's an especially practical gift for couples who plan to live in a bike-friendly area with plenty of interesting paths nearby.

Custom Jewelry

Wedding bands are often simple and plain, so family members may want to give the happy couple a little extra bling in celebration of their new life together. Find a local jeweler who does custom work, or design your own masterpiece at Helzberg.com. The groom can also show a little bit more personality and creativity by giving his lady a piece of custom jewelry incorporating her birthstone or her favorite gem into a set of diamond earrings or necklace for the big day.

New Wheels

You would probably find a spot in the friend hall-of-fame if you got the bride and groom a new vehicle. It may sound extravagant but the gift is common from parents and collectively through family members. This gift is especially great if the bride and groom plan to start a family and do not currently have family friendly cars. JD Power and Associates ranked the Cadillac SRX, the Kia Sportage and the Honda CR-V as some of the safest SUV's on the market—perfect for a growing family!

Campaign Donation

When the bride and groom are heavily invested in politics, donating to the campaign of their favorite candidate can make a bold statement that you acknowledge their activism. In fact, President Obama's campaign has an event registry to make it even easier for people to donate funds in honor of people celebrating nuptials, birthdays and other special events. Be sure the couple shares a common political viewpoint, or you may unintentionally create marital strife instead of wedded bliss.

Romantic Date

After returning from their honeymoon, the bride and groom often have a tough time readjusting to normal life as a married couple. Provide them with a break by giving them a romantic date as a wedding gift. Choose a dinner cruise, private museum tour or a night at a local bed & breakfast that they can enjoy as a getaway after the honeymoon is over.

Tech Gadgets

Most of the wedding gifts tend to be household items, especially kitchen appliances and supplies. A tablet, smartphone, e-reader or HDTV will always be a welcome gift, especially for the groom. If he's a gamer, a new controller or setup for his system would help him feel like that side of his personality is welcome in the marriage, too.

Just some savvy "out of the box", off the registry ideas for ya!

Photo Credit: Van Rensburg Photography