{Advice} What's your bridal workout regimen?

Most brides-to-be who are in full-on party planning mode live with tunnel vision between the proposal and the wedding. Unless an undertaking or activity is wedding-oriented, it's outside your line of vision and will only rob you of time that should be allotted for floral arrangements, wedding registries and invitations. In your wedding-planning tunnel, the to-do list grows as tasks are simultaneously accomplished. From shopping for bridesmaids dresses and tasting wedding cake samples to finding the best DJ and researching the most luxurious cruises to the Caribbean, every detail of the wedding planning process can easily consume your existence.

And although you may be eating an apple for lunch because of your tight schedule, don't put off your fitness routine. Whether you want to drop a few extra pounds or tone up to feel your best, commit to a bridal workout regimen. The following exercises can help you achieve a fit body for walking down the aisle and looking like a goddess on the most romantic day of your life.


Lacing up your running sneakers and hitting the pavement not only burns calories but clears your head. Reserve this as your solo time to de-stress and focus on putting one foot in front of the other. Natural scenery and fresh air will be physical, emotional and mental rejuvenation and re-energizing before returning to the trenches of wedding planning.
To ensure that you never skip a run, challenge yourself to half marathon training or visit active.com to sign up for an upcoming 10K. Also, running is free, which means as you burn hundreds of calories and get in shape, you don't have to spend the extra money you're saving to pay for the honeymoon or buy a house.

Weight Training

Strength training and weight lifting builds muscles, tones the body and improves the metabolism. Women may generate an aversion toward lifting weights in fear of becoming bulky. A myth to be dispelled — weight and strength conditioning won't transform your body into the Incredible Hulk.
Think of weight lifting as toning and tightening your shoulders, back, arms, glutes and midsection. Shoulder presses can help eliminate excess back fat and make fitting into your strapless gown perfection. Front and back squats will lift your bottom and oblique crunches using a dumbbell will shrink your midsection. You'll never feel more beautiful marrying your best friend on your wedding day or strolling on the sandy beach during your honeymoon.
CrossFit is a premium way to develop core strength and conditioning. Although gyms can be relatively expensive, ask if they offer a couples discount. Involve your fiancĂ© in your workout routines and improve your fitness as a team!


Yoga is an excellent complement to running or weight training because it is a physical and mental practice that helps improve flexibility and strength as well as self-acceptance and awareness. By adopting a yoga practice, you'll optimize your fitness by energizing the body and mind.
Engage in asana flows to burn fat and trim your body. Poses such as vrksasana, svanasana, pranayama and seated salutation can calm your mind and settle stressful thoughts that keep you up at night. If your city has a Lululemon Athletica, visit its website online and look for free yoga classes to reach this peaceful meditative state during wedding planning.

Any bridal workout tips you are pursuing? Let us know what you are doing to get wedding day ready!

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  1. Although I haven't yet been married, I know from many brides that yoga was a life saver for them, particularly yoga flow classes that involved a faster pace!


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