{Bridal Portrait} Front Porch Charm

Today I have a Bridal Portrait session to share with you that has me wanting to pack my bags and move to where Victorian homes with wrap around porches line the streets.  When I received the shoot from Studio Eleven Photography, I thought, what a great venue to do a shoot at! Well, it's not really a venue, its the lovely bride's home! I want to be friends with this girl and have a glass of sweetened iced tea on that huge porch!

Robin at Studio Eleven shared with us a little bit about her afternoon spent capturing this gorgeous bride in her beautiful surroundings:
For this bridal shoot we chose to use the bride's own home, an historic Victorian house with enormous charm and amazing architecture. The bride was absolutely stunning and the location proved to be more than I expected. We started indoors in the formal sitting room. Two of the many porches that grace the house made for wonderful shots while giving us different lighting in the different areas. The gorgeous grounds opened up even more opportunities to showcase the beauty of the bride and the location. Before wrapping the session we popped a block away to pose the bride in front of the red wall to get a few pop photos and toss a bit of a twist into the reel. The overall breezy feeling of the shoot perfectly captured the bride's carefree beauty and her truly sweet spirit.

Grab yourself a glass of sweet tea, and enjoy this lovely shoot, captured by Studio Eleven Photography:

G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! All of it is glorious, and hits all the right notes.  I am loving the bride's gown-the trumpet silhouette is perfect for her.

I totally have house envy after seeing this shoot, don't you?  I could go on for days about the porch, the crown molding above the fireplace, the chandelier...but that's for another publication!

Many thanks, as always, to Robin at Studio Eleven Photography!

Photography: Studio Eleven Photography
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. I just found this- Thank you for the kind words (I am the bride)! Robin did a fab job and I look at these pictures almost daily :)


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