{Real Couples} Alyssa & Ryan's Fall Upstate New York E-Shoot

If you were to tell me that the engagement shoot you are about to see was in New York, I'd have said "yeah, right"! This shoot looks like it takes place in rural Kansas, on a farm. But, lo and behold, it is set in New York, near Saratoga Springs! The submission comes from Scott Kretschmann Photography, whom I have featured before.  From his work that I have published before, I knew he was located in NY, however the amber waves of wheat, red barn house & big blue sky evoke the spirit of another region much further west. 

Scott shared with us a little bit about how the engagement shoot unfolded:
Alyssa and Ryan are a beautiful couple and they had a beautiful engagement session. Alyssa was decked out in a pretty dress and ridiculous heels but she was able to walk and manuever in tall grass in those heels. She also managed to get Ryan to bring his GQ best to the shoot. Even though we had to reschedule due to rain, we finally managed to get a day with some of the most beautiful light we have ever gotten for an e-shoot. Saratoga Springs is so full of amazing locations to shoot at and even though we ended up getting chased away from one of the places we shot at it was well worth it for these shots!We shot the session in Saratoga Springs at a park with beautiful vistas and tall wheat grass fields. We got some beautiful sunset light and blue skies!

I want to know more about them getting chased away! What photographers and couples will do for those "trespassing" shots, right?!  Has to make for great story telling for both parties!

Please enjoy Alyssa & Ryan's Fall Upstate New York Engagement Shoot, captured by Scott Kretschmann Photography:

I have to agree, the lighting is out of this world! And so are Alyssa's dreamy heels! Kudos to her for trekking it through the fields.  

Many thanks to Scott Kretschmann Photography for the submission! 

Submitted via Two Bright Lights