{Real Weddings} Carrie & Shiloh's Romantic Country Inn Wedding

Happy Friday! The end of the week is finally upon us! Hope you all have great plans this weekend.  It's hitting the 90's already here in AZ, so we are bound to do something outdoors, but not too long! Our 6 month old will be at her grandparents, so a date night is in order for us, which means a sushi & sake filled dinner is in order.  The simple little things we do now that bring us so much enjoyment....that is parenthood I guess! 

Well, however you are wrapping up your week, and moving into the weekend, I have a sweet country wedding to share with you today that really sets the tone for spring.  The submission comes from Cariad Photography, based in Georgia.  Everything about this wedding is refreshing and light.  There are a lot of natural elements to the surroundings and the decor, it just looks like it was a magical day.

Steffi of Cariad gave us a little insight into Carrie & Shiloh's wedding: 
I met Carrie and Shiloh when they called me two weeks before their wedding to see if Cariad Photography could possibly shoot their wedding at Glen Ella Springs Inn. They had booked a photographer but were not able to connect with him so close to the wedding and it made them decide to look into a different direction as far as their photography coverage. I myself was already booked so I suggested that Laura our Associate would cover their photography. As always I do all the editing and magic when our weddings are shot by other photographers than us.
The venue that this lovely couple chose is really beautiful with their gardens and plantings. Glen Ella Springs Inn used to be a station house in the old days if I am correct. It made an incredible backdrop for their romantic country wedding.

An excellent point to mention is the fact that this photographer had extended team to take over, when the lead photographers could not-that is a sign of a very well organized photographer that brides should consider. Having a team that shoots different weddings in the same day, as long as all are on board, trained, and communicate with each other that their overall look is the same no matter whom holds the camera, that's what brides need to know.  It is lucky for Carrie & Shiloh that they were able to find a great, talented photographer so quick, when their prior photographer didn't pan out.  

I now present to you Carrie & Shiloh's Romantic Country Inn Wedding, beautifully captured by Cariad Photography:

Such a sweet wedding for this sweet couple! I love everything about the venue and the overall country garden look.

I have to point out two things that I am swooning over: Carrie's dress and her bouquet! I love the top, how it is simple and gathered, and then the lace flower pattern on the dress.  It is perfect for an outdoor wedding.  The bouquet of succulents and greenery is simple, yet bold and elegant.

The second to last image seen here, their kiss under the twinkle-lit archway is a great note to end on, followed by their sparkler send off.

Many thanks to Cariad Photography for this lovely submission!

Photographer:  Cariad Photography//Venue: Glen-Ella Springs Inn
Submitted via Two Bright Lights


  1. Thank you so much for spot lighting our wonderful day! I cannot say enough wonderful things about both Cariad Photography and Ed and Luci from Glen Ella Springs Inn. The Inn is beautiful and Ed and Luci the innkeepers are so friendly and fantastic to deal with when we were making our plans. As every bride knows the planning is very stressful. Choosing Glen Ella Springs was anything but! As Steffi said, we were in dire need of a photographer and not only did she come through the results were stunning. Thank you for the complements on my dress and arrangements :) Believe it or not I found that dress online for $100!!! We wanted a simple wedding to highlight the beauty of the Inn and to allow our guests to enjoy the grounds. All of our arrangements and bouquets were succulents to allow them all to be replanted. They were grown arranged by my best friends adding to the simplicity and personal touch of our entire day- Carrie Smith

    1. Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing a bit about your wedding! I love that the bouquets were literally started from scratch, grown and arranged for the wedding, to only be replanted afterwards! So brilliant, and quite savvy! Amazing that your dress only cost $100 too! Congrats to you both!


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