{Real Weddings} Meredith & Tim's Intimate Denver Wedding

What type of honeymoon are you planning?  1) Will you go to an exotic locale, with warm, sunny palapa lined beaches?  2) Will you go on a backpacking expedition through a continent/country you are not familiar with? 3) Will you go where you and your spouse-to-be can offer humanitarian aid to those less fortunate?  Most newlyweds flock to locales like the Mexican Riviera or Hawaii.  I personally chose option 1-a week on a beach in Mexico, with my hubby, was the ultimate honeymoon experience for us.  A friend of mine chose option 2, and went with her new husband to tour Europe-neither had ever been, they had a blast, and learned new things about one another.  Another friend of mine went the route of option 3 in aiding those in need in South America, where they built homes and fed the hungry.  All three scenarios were perfect for each couple.

I bring this topic up with you in this featured wedding post, as today's beautiful couple chose option 3 for their honeymoon.  Tim, the groom, shared with us a little bit about marrying his beautiful bride, and what they experienced while on their honeymoon in the Dominican Republic:
This past Friday I married the most amazing person I have ever met. It was a beautiful ceremony with just 5 people in the room and couldn't have been more perfect. The simplicity of the ceremony echoes our hearts, and speaks volumes to the fact that you should not lose sight of your marriage for the sake of a wedding. 

We met just 9 months ago on a blind date and clicked from the start. I (barely) waited til the end of the second date for our first kiss and we were both trying to hold back "I Love You's" by the third week. Her kindness humbles me, her beauty staggers me, and her love astounds/centers/inspires me. She is the answer to prayers I never knew I had...

Rather than go on the typical honeymoon, we decided to do what we both loved and spend some time in service to others. We had the chance to go to a small part of the Dominican Republic and spend time in a community that both exemplifies what is great about the human spirit and illistrates what is wrong with it. Agua Negros is a small community within the larger city of Puerto Plata, DR. It has very little running water, inconsistant electricity and none of the comforts we are all so accustomed to having. But it has a community that redefines that word. Community. A child has a dozen parents, and when someone has a meal it is shared by the many. Children rush unabashed into the arms of adults, neighbors cheer for each other without reservation, and a bunch of gringos were welcomed home. We spent a week working side by side on a house that could have been built twice as fast without us in the way. They welcomed us and loved us for trying, and we learned more about humanity than could have been learned in a lifetime of study. That experience showed me more love/heartbreak/hope/simplicity than I can express, and continued to galvanize our love.

Our future is unknown, but in a lifetime full of beauty and joy, she outshines every happiness. By a million. Maybe more...

Such an inspirational couple! I love it that they went to the Dominican Republic to aid others.  What a message that sends to the people receiving their aid, that a newly formed married couple decided to help them, rather than help themselves to luxury.  I don't feel bad my husband and I went all out on our honeymoon, but this option makes me think a bit on ways to give on future trip decisions.  

Please enjoy Meredith & Tim's Intimate Denver Wedding, captured so beautifully by Jeanine Thurston Photography:

I love how simple their ceremony was and how gorgeous their photo session was.  The venue, the Four Seasons Denver, is so elegant, sleek & modern, which I think also sums up this beautiful couple. 

Many thanks to Jeanine Thurston Photography for submitting your work to us again!

Photographer:  Fototails - Jeanine Thurston Photography//Venue: Four Seasons Denver//Ceremony Location: Cheeseman Park//Ceremony Location: Denver Community Church//
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